Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our First Letter from Elder Musick

Dear Family
So ... it is so busy and I am in class for like hours and hours. I wake up, eat, class, lunch, class, dinner, then class, and bed. My compenero is going to my same mission, so that is way nice. The other guys in our room are going to Panama and Nicaragua, but they are staying for nine weeks. I love my district, they are going to Long Beach and North Carolina. My district leader is a friend from school - we played football together. Things are nice, though classes are rough; but I don't hate them, but I wouldn't say I love them. But I should be able to email you on Monday as it is my P-Day. But I love you and keep me updated.
Elder Musick

He's not much for details, but we'll take it - for now. To be fair, he had only been in one full day :)

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