Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sweet Thoughts from Elder Speirs

Pam Speirs shared with us a sweet letter from Elder Nathan Speirs. He only went out a week before Sam which makes it even sweeter.

"So Wednesday is my P-day. We get to go to the temple today. I am excited for that. We also got to do some service today. For that we got the chapel rooms ready for the new missionaries that are coming in. We straightened the chairs and vacuumed the rooms a bit. We also get to choose which flags to hang up out in the parking lots. You know how there is a bunch of flags from different countries. We got to choose which ones and then go raise them up. We also set up some other things for the new missionaries. Each missionary gets a packet when they come in with some things like another name tag and their room key and stuff. So we carried those to the room where they pass them out and I saw Sam's. It was kind of cool. He is not in my branch, as I was hoping. Our branch gets a new district today so I was hoping that he was in it.

I am excited that Sam is coming in today. I hope I see him and his family. At least him today. I have been praying for him because the first 3 days in the MTC are hard. So in addition to your prayers for me and Joshua pray for Sam too. You need all the help that you can get the first 3 days.

How sweet is he!!

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