Tuesday, May 19, 2009

To the Provo MTC for 3 weeks

May 13, 2009 - The day we had all been counting down for. Sam was really ready to go. All morning he was singing "Called to Serve", "Come, Ye Builders of this Nation", and "Popcorn Popping" at the top of his lungs.

Finally - we get there...
... take our final pictures
(Cherie, Jared, Elder Musick, Katie, Kelsey, Bethany)

and he is off.

Sam was sent for a little language evaluation before we went into the "saddest room" in the MTC - the Good-bye room. His evaluator thought he could go to the intermediate level, but Sam asked to go in the beginning class. Maybe a good foundation will make for a better Spanish speaker, we shall see.

As for that Sad room, it is definitely rigged. They start by showing the sweetest, tear-jerking Mormon commercials before the meeting even begins, then for an opening song we all sing "Called to Serve" (which is a natural tear-jerker), after that we listened to a representative from the MTC Presidency (that session had President and Sister Clegg as speakers) and then we watched the video, The Joy of Missionary Work.
Stick a fork in us - we are primed for a full water works show.

However, Elder Musick made it easy for us. He went down the line hugging each family member, saved the last big hug for Dad, and then turned around and was the first missionary out the "Missionaries only" door. We all stared at each other, realized he was gone, and then couldn't get out the "Families Only" door because everyone else was still hugging and crying.
Thanks, Sam. I have always been an advocate of ripping the band-aid off quickly.
It only hurt for a minute!

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