Monday, May 25, 2009

Week 2 in Provo MTC, everything's like...

Hi -
So ... I need to know how Kelsey is doing because I am kinda of worried. But I am glad to hear that Rie is okay. Today is pday and the temple was closed so we didn't go, so today was a really easy day. I leave Provo on June 2 and leave at like five in the morning and I have like a five hour layover in Texas. We won't get to Guatemala until around 7:00 pm.

I love my compenero; he is a great guy and a stud athlete. I have some pictures that I will send before I leave. My district is probably the best district ever. Just tons of fun. But Spanish is super hard and we study for like 12 hours a day. No lie. But tell Katie thank you for the letter and when she comes in just a heads up - she needs to pray for everything because that is the only way you can learn, through the spirit. I have learned so much and my testimony grows ten-fold every day. In the first lesson (which we have taught like thirty times) it talks about how God loves us and families and I just bear my testimony everytime about families being together forever. And the thought of it just warms my soul. I love you guys all some much, but don't worry the Spirit takes good care of me so I don't miss you guys too much. My compenero and I probably won't be companions down there together and that makes both of us pretty sad. Well if you have any questions send me a list and I will fill it out.
Elder Musick

P.S. Mom can you send me some Crest whitestrips and send them as fast as you can because I need them before I leave. Thanks.

And my teacher served his mission in Chile and President Hawkins was his Mission President.

White Strips, really? Gotta love him!

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