Monday, June 8, 2009

In the Provo MTC a little longer

Okay, so its have been kinda crazy here. I wished so badly that I would be able to leave, but it turned out that I'm not leaving for another two weeks. So I will spend six weeks here and three weeks there [in the Guatemala MTC, known as the CCM]. That was hard for me to handle. Because I just want to get to work and stop studying for hours and hours.

I saw Nathan [Speirs] and Brent [Hansen] yesterday at the temple during temple walk. I talked to Nathan and he said he was doing good and things were coming along. I didn't get to talk to Brent long but he said he likes it and was in a great mood.

Well, I am very thankful for you guys; it is always so fun to hear how you guys are doing. But things are pretty fun here. We have two new districts in our zone and one has been delayed so we have like five districts and another coming so we have a really big zone.

I am learning so much, it is such a great blessing to teach the first lesson because I get to talk about eternal families and always think of you guys and the blessing our Father has giving us to be together forever. My compaƱero and I work well together when we teach and both are pretty bold and always give a baptismal commitment.

I haven't been able to go to church or the temple for two weeks because I still have my cough [remember his seal bark?] and everyone is very scared of it. But things are great here - always a work in progress, but that is how it will always be. Thank you for the words of advice and help during this time. Love, Elder Musick

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