Monday, June 22, 2009

Last note from Provo

Couple questions answered:
Did you get the last package I sent - floss picks, CDs and cookies? Yes, I got your package and thank you very much for it.
How are your eyes doing? My eyes are off and on they should get a lot better in the field so I wouldn't worry to much.
Are taking all three suitcases? Can you do with two? I can't do with just two with all the stuff I have so I have to take three.
When do you want to call home on Tuesday? I will call at 2:00 my time does that sound good?
Are you allowed to call any other family members or just your parents? It didn't say that I can't call other family members so if someone wants me to call let me know.
How did you get permission to call Bryce? I told my branch president and he was very quick to say absolutely and he is also in Ashlee's ward in Pleasant Grove.
So how are you doing? Are you ready to jump into another culture and another language? Well, no, I am not ready at all.
Tell us of a special experience you have had. Today I went to the temple and took out carpeting for service, so that was interesting.

Love you and talk to you tomorrow, and I did get some stuff for my shoes.

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