Monday, June 1, 2009

A reprieve for Texas: Sam's sick and stuck at the MTC

We got two emails today:
First email:
So there is a type-A flu going around. A sister in our zone has it and the zone next to us has it with several others as well. Well, of course I got sick and they took me to Insta Care once on Saturday and once on Sunday. I was not allowed out of my room, only to go to the front desk to check my temp. It came up normal both times and I am feeling tons better today. Out of the past 48 hours I was probably awake for five of them. So I know what it is like to be Dad [when he is sick and sleeps all the time] and it isn't that bad. My vision isn't any better, actually worse with being sick. I am going to the doctor here in the clinic and he will tell me if I can leave tomorrow or not, so pray for me because I want to leave. If I do leave tomorrow I can call and I will be in Texas from 12:30 to 5:00. So be prepared for a call.

Second email:
Okay, so I went to the doctor and he cleared me but they are not letting any missionaries leave the MTC for a week. 3 missionaries have the swine flu and 17 have type A influenza. So I have been really blessed and just have flu-like symptoms. I will let you know when I will leave. But it is a mess here, teachers are getting sick, missionaries are coming in but no one is going out. We are getting a new district and only have one room open so who knows what will happen.

At least he is feeling better and hopefully he can stay well. It is probably very discouraging to be stuck there when he was planning on leaving. Things may change though. We'll keep you posted.

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