Monday, July 27, 2009

Red, Wet but not Blue

In my letter to Sam, I wrote, "We would love to hear about the missionary work, of course, your living conditions, eating and laundry arrangements and your ward/branch." This was his reply:

Okay, well, let me see living conditions are pretty sad. We go to bed hearing a lady yell at her kid and the kid cries a ton but only when we go to bed. My companion is amazing, he has six months left and was released as a zone leader to train me. The work is rough; we aren't having a ton of success but we have some interested. We have made a baptism date with a old man but his wife says she will after him. My Spanish is improving slowly and it is kind of frustrating, but I can't let it get me down because I need to be confident in the Lord.

Yesterday we had a drink and some bread at a member’s house. They laughed as they gave it to us and said it had some ants on it, but they won't bother you, so we ate it. We have a lady in the ward who does our laundry so I don't have to. And with food it is odd because the members take turns feeding us but that isn't allowed in the mission. We are only to have three cooks, so it is in the process of change.

The other day we were walking to the other side of our area, which takes less than an hour and we saw the clouds coming and tried to get there before, but we didn't make it. We didn't have anything to keep us dry and got soaked. Bad news: my backpack had dried paint on it, so it got wet and my whole right arm was all red so I hope that comes out. I plan on buying a backpack tomorrow so no worries. But things are hot or wet but amazing.

I love you all and tell Kevin congratulations on his call. [His cousin Kevin got his mission call to Colorado Springs, CO.]
Love you all.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thought for the week:

"God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. Be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord"
(2 Timothy 1:7-8)

"I wish that every member of this church would put those words where he might see them every morning as he begins his day. They would give us the courage to speak up, they would give us the faith to try, they would strengthen our conviction of the Lord Jesus Christ. I believe that more miracles would happen over the earth."
- Gordon B. Hinckley, “‘Be Not Afraid, Only Believe’,” Ensign, Feb 1996, 2

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Letter from Mission President

We received a letter from Sam's Mission president and a picture and thought I'd share.

Dear Family:
Please accept this photograph of Elder Musick, who we had the joy of receiving in our mission on July 14, 2009. We truly appreciate your efforts in preparing him according to the standards of the Lord now that the bar has been raised for missionaries entering the field of labor in Guatemala and everywhere in the world.

We require our elders and sisters to write home weekly. We would encourage you to do the same, as evidence of your support for his labors in this part of the Lord's vineyard. It is important to encourage continuous spiritual progress, as we guide Elder Musick to become a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ, who knows his doctrine and delights in teaching it.

We always pray for your family's safety and protection. Again we will strive to teach and protect Elder Musick, so that he can have a wonderful mission serving the Lord Jesus Christ in Guatemala

Yours Faithfully,
Richard Baldwin, Jr.
Mission President

Monday, July 20, 2009

Short, but sweet

So this will be kinda short, but I love the area I am in. The people are nice for the most part. I had to bear my testimony in church Sunday and that was interesting. I looked at my companion when I got stuck but then realized it is sink or swim time. My testimony was interesting but the members were super nice and most welcomed me and said thank you to me in English. A lot of people here know English, not well, but some. We were able to bring three investigators to church so that was good, but two didn't make it, which is sad. But we feel like this week will be a good week. The members feed us - a lot. I really need to work out or I will gain weight. Things are great, every night I just crash and every morning is hard but it is so good to see the members and others who want to hear what we have to say.

Today we had a district meeting and me and my companion taught it. I tried to say what I could, but I don't know if they got the message I tried to get across. But it is hard in a lesson and they have questions and all I want to do is help and I can't. I get pretty frustrated but realize I can't because I have to have the spirit and that would drive it away.

I love you all and wish you all well.
Love, Elder Musick.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

First Tuesday

Letter from Elder Musick

Okay so a ton has happened since the last time I wrote you. First Tuesday was amazing! I went with an Elder Flores and he is now a district leader and very helpful and supportive. The first lesson we taught was in a little hut that was tin and in poor condition. There was a little girl who kept looking at my papers and asking me who the people were and during the prayer she played with my arm hair and tie. The second lesson we taught was in a really bad house. We got to the end of the street where it looked like a jungle cliff thing but then there were stairs and at the very bottom was the house. We knocked and were let in. It was a little community with several families. The house we taught in had two beds and tin all around. I taught from a seat where I realized half way through the lesson was a car seat for a child. But the lessons were great.

But for the BIG news I am on the outskirts of the capital in a relatively nice area. My companion is from Utah and his name is Elder Wankier and reminds me of Josh. He is amazing and will teach me so much. This is his first time in the capital. He has been in the coast and mountains and has been out over a year or so. This area is new for both of us and are both learning the area. But the amazing thing is the ward mission leader is a Spanish Pres. Speirs and has plans and has people contacting and they have had 9 baptisms recently. So we have the best area ever.

I am glad you guys are all doing okay. I love you all and am very excited to be here and really hope I get this language soon because it is rough for me right now. But in one of the lessons, I shared a scripture and testified so that felt good. But I love you all and pray you are all okay.

Love, Elder Musick

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Farewell letter from CCM President

Dear Families and Loved-ones of the June 2009 Group,

Sister De Martini and Sister Hart left this morning at 3:30am for Honduras! Elders Musick, De Vries, and Wernli left for their respective missions here in Guatemala. Forty-two of their Latino Companions also left today. I am not sure what the EMAIL schedule will be in their missions or if you will have contact from them or their presidents today or in the near future. However, I am sure that they left in excellent spirit and with a great desire to begin what they've been called to do.

The rest of our North American June Group begin their final three weeks today. You will no doubt get your weekly letter today. With only 17 missionaries today, we will take a few hours break and go out to see some of the city. They will be joined by a group of 13 this evening coming for the MTC in Provo and another 45 tomorrow from all parts of Central and South America. We'll be back at full speed tomorrow!

You should all be very pleased with your missionaries! I have come to love and appreciate them all!!!! Their Spanish is improving everyday but more importantly they are becoming great servants of the Lord!


Presidente Christensen
CCM Guatemala

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The CCM Routine

Dear Family

So for a usual day here I wake up at 6:30, shower, get dressed and eat at 7:25. afterwards, I have personal study until 9:00 and then class usntil 12:00. I have lunch and then campaion/language study. We can go to this place called Casa de C.R.E. and teach lessons to our teachser which is helpful. Then gym at 3-4:00, shower, dinner, then class until vedtrime. On Tuesdays, we have a devotional for half the time and then class afterwards. Some days we have Salon General and the MTC gives us lessons, which are amazing like the one about Joseph and the Tribes of Israel. He is an amazing teacher. But I am sorry our p-days are the same, but instead of companion/language study, we do service and have a short time to write and email because we have gym, too.

I love you guys, and in one week I will be in the field - then I will have time and stories to share. But I love you and pray for you all. Please keep me updated and I will do my best to do the same. But thank you Dad and Mom, you are a great strength and support to me.

Love all... Elder Musick

PS. I don't know if I will get Papa's letter, but hopefully I will.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

There he is!

Here is the picture from the CCM of the whole group of missionaries currently in training. (Look for the only blonde elder.)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Thought for the week:

"May we ever remember the mantle of leadership is not the cloak of comfort, but rather the robe of responsibility."
- Pres. Thomas S. Monson

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sam learns, practices, and grows in CCM

So today was rough; our two Latin roommates were watching a movie on their portable DVD player and I, my co-district leader, and zone leader (aka my comps) thought we had to do something about it and did. The DVD player was taken away and I hated to do that to my friends. It is not fun to be in a position of leadership because of the responsiblity. You know how I love to just be indifferent and now I can't.

Tomorrow I go out with a missionary for half the day. They give me money for food and the bus and I go with a native and do whatever he has planned. I am super excited to do that. I am learning a lot and feel the tender mercies of the Lord every day and feel so blessed.

I hope Rie is okay and Katie is excited and that Dad and Jared are going to be okay because I can't be there to carry either one :) [He is referring to the high adventure camps both are going to this month and neither of them are in very good shape for it.] But I haven't heard too much from B or Kelsey. I hope they are okay and I pray for you all every day.

Look for the blessings of the Lord because I know that His hand is in your lives every day. Dad, we had a lesson on Patriarchal blessings and the tribe of Joseph and how he was a savior to his family, just like those of Joseph today are Saviors to the family now. The Lord blesses that branch a lot because of the help and love and how they freely give of themselves all the time. The whole time I thought of you and how you help others, for example: Ruben's family. You're a great father and bishop.

Love you and thank you for your prayers.

Hey there Delilah (I'm at the MTC)

Check out this cute video.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Busy in Guatemala CCM

Okay, this will be short. I have 17 minutes to write this so I hope it is good.

I have been to the temple, which is very nice. I have been to church which was crazy because I struggled to understand everything. The language is still hard, but it is getting so much better. I still have Elder Wernli and now Elder De Vries so I am in a threesome. I have been called as co-district leader - not a big deal as there is only five in my district.

I am so excited for Katie and hope she knows it is the best thing for her. [Katie got her mission call to Boise, Idaho, departing September 30, 2009]

We are caged in here; we have armed guards and a twenty foot fence. It is really nice here, though. The five pounds I gained in Provo are gone now. But I met six missionaries from the Central Mission in the temple and one might be my trainer, two were secretaries and knew exactly who I was - that was crazy.

It has rained everyday and poured on us when we did service so I got soaked, which I loved. I had to teach the lesson in priesthood and that was rough. My teachers are amazing - I just love them. I really cannot wait to be out in the field. I have two roommates one from Guatemala and the other from Honduras and they are amazing. I just love the Latinos; they are from all over Central America.

Sorry it is short. I love you and hope you can send this to all the others, please.