Thursday, July 2, 2009

Busy in Guatemala CCM

Okay, this will be short. I have 17 minutes to write this so I hope it is good.

I have been to the temple, which is very nice. I have been to church which was crazy because I struggled to understand everything. The language is still hard, but it is getting so much better. I still have Elder Wernli and now Elder De Vries so I am in a threesome. I have been called as co-district leader - not a big deal as there is only five in my district.

I am so excited for Katie and hope she knows it is the best thing for her. [Katie got her mission call to Boise, Idaho, departing September 30, 2009]

We are caged in here; we have armed guards and a twenty foot fence. It is really nice here, though. The five pounds I gained in Provo are gone now. But I met six missionaries from the Central Mission in the temple and one might be my trainer, two were secretaries and knew exactly who I was - that was crazy.

It has rained everyday and poured on us when we did service so I got soaked, which I loved. I had to teach the lesson in priesthood and that was rough. My teachers are amazing - I just love them. I really cannot wait to be out in the field. I have two roommates one from Guatemala and the other from Honduras and they are amazing. I just love the Latinos; they are from all over Central America.

Sorry it is short. I love you and hope you can send this to all the others, please.

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