Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Farewell letter from CCM President

Dear Families and Loved-ones of the June 2009 Group,

Sister De Martini and Sister Hart left this morning at 3:30am for Honduras! Elders Musick, De Vries, and Wernli left for their respective missions here in Guatemala. Forty-two of their Latino Companions also left today. I am not sure what the EMAIL schedule will be in their missions or if you will have contact from them or their presidents today or in the near future. However, I am sure that they left in excellent spirit and with a great desire to begin what they've been called to do.

The rest of our North American June Group begin their final three weeks today. You will no doubt get your weekly letter today. With only 17 missionaries today, we will take a few hours break and go out to see some of the city. They will be joined by a group of 13 this evening coming for the MTC in Provo and another 45 tomorrow from all parts of Central and South America. We'll be back at full speed tomorrow!

You should all be very pleased with your missionaries! I have come to love and appreciate them all!!!! Their Spanish is improving everyday but more importantly they are becoming great servants of the Lord!


Presidente Christensen
CCM Guatemala

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