Wednesday, July 15, 2009

First Tuesday

Letter from Elder Musick

Okay so a ton has happened since the last time I wrote you. First Tuesday was amazing! I went with an Elder Flores and he is now a district leader and very helpful and supportive. The first lesson we taught was in a little hut that was tin and in poor condition. There was a little girl who kept looking at my papers and asking me who the people were and during the prayer she played with my arm hair and tie. The second lesson we taught was in a really bad house. We got to the end of the street where it looked like a jungle cliff thing but then there were stairs and at the very bottom was the house. We knocked and were let in. It was a little community with several families. The house we taught in had two beds and tin all around. I taught from a seat where I realized half way through the lesson was a car seat for a child. But the lessons were great.

But for the BIG news I am on the outskirts of the capital in a relatively nice area. My companion is from Utah and his name is Elder Wankier and reminds me of Josh. He is amazing and will teach me so much. This is his first time in the capital. He has been in the coast and mountains and has been out over a year or so. This area is new for both of us and are both learning the area. But the amazing thing is the ward mission leader is a Spanish Pres. Speirs and has plans and has people contacting and they have had 9 baptisms recently. So we have the best area ever.

I am glad you guys are all doing okay. I love you all and am very excited to be here and really hope I get this language soon because it is rough for me right now. But in one of the lessons, I shared a scripture and testified so that felt good. But I love you all and pray you are all okay.

Love, Elder Musick

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