Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sam learns, practices, and grows in CCM

So today was rough; our two Latin roommates were watching a movie on their portable DVD player and I, my co-district leader, and zone leader (aka my comps) thought we had to do something about it and did. The DVD player was taken away and I hated to do that to my friends. It is not fun to be in a position of leadership because of the responsiblity. You know how I love to just be indifferent and now I can't.

Tomorrow I go out with a missionary for half the day. They give me money for food and the bus and I go with a native and do whatever he has planned. I am super excited to do that. I am learning a lot and feel the tender mercies of the Lord every day and feel so blessed.

I hope Rie is okay and Katie is excited and that Dad and Jared are going to be okay because I can't be there to carry either one :) [He is referring to the high adventure camps both are going to this month and neither of them are in very good shape for it.] But I haven't heard too much from B or Kelsey. I hope they are okay and I pray for you all every day.

Look for the blessings of the Lord because I know that His hand is in your lives every day. Dad, we had a lesson on Patriarchal blessings and the tribe of Joseph and how he was a savior to his family, just like those of Joseph today are Saviors to the family now. The Lord blesses that branch a lot because of the help and love and how they freely give of themselves all the time. The whole time I thought of you and how you help others, for example: Ruben's family. You're a great father and bishop.

Love you and thank you for your prayers.

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