Monday, August 10, 2009

First of August happenings

Last week I wrote you an e-mail and the computer in the cafe messed up and it didn't send. So I am sorry.

But this week we were really blessed. We found a few families, but one of them is doing amazing. He will only speak to us in English because he wants the practice, which is super funny. He and his wife are older and after two visits we committed them to go to church and they went. He spoke some English in the classes, for me, he said. We also have a baptism this weekend in conjunction with a mini-mission. All the kids will go out and contact. Then on Saturday they are having a ward activity and then, after that, the baptism. So it should be really good.

We have zone conference this week on [August] 12. I have two weeks left in this change. [They call transfers “changes” in Guatemala City Central Mission]. My Spanish is getting better little by little and I am understanding more and more.

Also we have a recent convert who teaches English and is 23 and found my blog on blogspot. She said she googled me. She asked if I cared and I said (like always) “No, I don't see it and I am busy”.

It is odd because we are in probably the second richest area in the mission; the one next to us is the richest. But we still teach in tin houses and some other interesting places. It rained pretty badly the other day but this time I was prepared.

Yesterday before church we went by to see those we had invited to church so we could go with them and none of them came with us. We were pretty destroyed. But right after the Sacrament was passed, all the late people came in - which was a lot. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder and it was a boy my age we went to get but he had just woke up. He told us he was sorry so we left. He is less active, but just a great kid. He and his sister sat in front of us. Then later on the bishop let us know that the one guy who spoke English and his wife were there. We were really excited.

The other day my comp. cooked up some fried platnos which they tasted like fries and also we bought pupusas which are made in El Salvador and are like a tortilla dough that has cheese and beans. Ask Jordan or Jared if they have had those.

But things are good and next p-day we might go to Antigua or to the mission home because we were closest to our goals. So either way it should be good.

Love you all and I am sorry I can't write you all so I hope this will do.

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