Wednesday, August 26, 2009

No transfers this time

Okay … so my face is a lot better. It got bit my second week and the bites itched badly, so then my face broke out really bad, but I got some stuff that is really helping. We got rid of most of the fleas and yes, I was using the flea collars.

I did not have changes [read: get transferred] this week and am still with my trainer and in the same area.

We went to the President’s house last Thursday which was fun. We had good food and played games and things like that. Monday were changes, so we didn't have a district meeting so we didn't email and they switched our pday this week to today with the district meeting so we could go to an activity with the zone and meet the new kids that just came in to our zone. In my district, we got two new trainees and one other one, so our companionship was the only one that didn't change.

As for the work, we set a date with someone for September 12 and are very excited and have an older couple that will take some work. The husband is so busy - he is the one who speaks English and his wife really badly wants to be baptized, so it is kind of sad.

On the mini-mission we had, we were able to find a family that has been inactive for two years and there are thirteen people just in one house and they have a son and daughter in a different house in our area. They are not all baptized. I also had divisions with our district leader who is from Honduras and it was different trying to speak Spanish the whole time. But I felt really bad because when we taught the older couple, the man would not speak in Spanish, only English. So I taught the whole lesson and the district leader just sat there; I felt bad.

I got Lance and Kelsey and the boys’ letters today at our district meeting, but I haven't been able to read them because we came here right after, but I did see the drawings.

About the rain jacket - I would like it sooner and also could you send my camelbak with it. My backpack is good but I think that the camelbak would be better because it is more breathable and my back won't get soaked with sweat. And if I recall it will do better at keeping the rain water out.

It is kind of weird - I am just under 4 months into my mission; it is crazy. Luckily my Spanish has gotten a lot better, but still needs a lot of work. The other night we were talking to a lady in our ward we had just met and she asked me how long I have been out and I said three months and she was blown away and asked if I knew some in Cali or if it was just the gift of tongues. That made me feel good. But then the other night I had a bit of a headache and we were talking about life before this and when my comp. turned to me I started to talk about the Spirit world so I still need a lot of work. [I think they were talking about two different subjects and that he is trying to say his communication needs some more work.]
But I love you all and hope you are all okay.

P.S. Mom, if you could send the black wind breaker from Missionary Mall and my back pack. I would really appreciate it. My umbrella is almost broken - the wind is going to finish it soon.

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