Monday, August 31, 2009

Rain, Rain Go away

I am sorry to hear Katie is sick; she has to get better or they won't let her into the MTC. I think Trevor is going in around the same time.

The mini-mission we had is showing a few fruits, even though we had to read terrible handwriting and the kids would write addresses like: two trees, white house, and black door. But we found a family of 12 that have been inactive for two years and the kids aren't baptized so we have been working with them.

We had ward conference this past Sunday and my comp and I were in the choir so that was interesting. But it was really good. We are also planning to go to Antigua some p-day in a few weeks so that should be cool. My Spanish is getting better; I can understand a ton more and speak better, but not great. So thanks for the prayers, they have been helping.

Mom, really, you have no reason to worry. I really am in like the safest places in the mission; it is so different than other places. I have heard some stories, so don't even worry, I am pretty safe.

The fleas are gone I think so don't worry about sending more flea collars and my face is all better which is a huge blessing.

I sent you guys a letter, but don't know when it will get to you. I am waiting to send a package so pictures will be coming. I will try and write a letter if we don't do anything as a district. But I love you all. And tell Lance thanks for the letter. My comp. said I was pretty lucky to have someone write me like that. And tell the boys thanks for the pictures.

Okay, so in the package you are sending - could you send me my blue calm back [wish I knew what he was talking about :) Thank you, dear readers; he wants his blue CAMELBAK] because the one I have write now rides terrible on my back and when it gets wet, it stays wet. And the way it is shaped, it catches the rain. I can wait for the rain jacket ‘til Christmas. But you could send me some food treats or instant stuff to make. That would be amazing because I eat oatmeal in the morning, lunch is whatever and dinner at 10 is a sandwich. (I know I am turning into dad.) But really I would like that backpack as soon as possible if you could, that is what I really want. It has been raining more and more lately. My comp and I got stuck in a storm and had nothing so we got soaked. Luckily the scriptures are okay and I plan on getting some covers here. I hope you can send me that backpack so I can get it at zone conference towards the end of the change.

I love you all. And tell Katie to start studying Preach My Gospel - it will help a ton.


  1. Haha, sorry if this seems random. I've been reading the blog as I prepare to serve in Guatemala City Central Mission. I think he meant a blue Camelbak. Its a backpack that you can fill with water.

  2. He wants his blue CAMEL BACK!