Monday, September 21, 2009

A few Q and A's

I sent Sam some questions so that I could get Katie ready for her mission and here are some of his responses (Questions in Italics)

Q - Is there anything that we sent with you that you probably didn’t need to take??? AND … Is there something you wish we would have packed??? does the clock/CD player work out well – is there a better idea for church music??? Is the battery clock better – which do you use?

Okay first thing - the stuff you sent me with was just fine. I really can't think of something a don't need or do need. The clock radio is good to wake up to and I use the other clock at my desk. My comp. has a cd player with speakers.

Q - Also, I wanted to know what you meant when you described that young man (with the motorcycle company) who is getting ready to serve a mission. You said “Here they would say he is “pilas”” Jordan and Jared both said something about batteries or a baptismal font? Is it slang for something?

“Pilas” are batteries, but here it means that they’re on top of things.

That is so crazy though that Katie is going in [to the MTC] already. Trevor [his old roommate] entered the other day, I think. So tell Katie to look out for him.

I am really excited for Aubrey to enter the temple. And if Katie thought the temple was tricky tell her to try it in Spanish. I couldn't do it.

Two weeks ago I went on divisions. My comp went with a kid from the CCM and I took a kid who had been out three weeks and was from Honduras. That was super cool. He helped me with my Spanish and he wants to learn English super bad. We were in my area and I had to take the lead. But it was good; we found a family and are teaching them.

Our trip to Antigua was postponed for the third time and will be Friday. Saturday is Zone conference. Then the next week is conference and the day after is changes.

Q - How many emails do you get a week? Any letters?

The number of emails and letters I get always vary: I got the one from Papa and Lance and the boys sent me some stuff and Ashlee sends them only when she gets mine. And I don't send too many. But I hope the next p-day after Antigua I will try and send pictures.

Sorry if I really didn't answer the packing thing because Katie and I are kinda in opposite worlds so I don't know what she needs.

I have taken money out once and a while for things but not a lot. But I love you and if you ask questions, make them easy not random and hard to answer because I have such little time. Love you all and give my family my best when they come.

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