Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day News

Well, I am so glad to hear that all is really well there.

First about the food you can send: I only make b-fast and dinner. Someone cooks lunch for us and I eat dinner at 9 at night so it is usually a sandwich or something easy. But for b-fast I eat oatmeal. So if you want to send me a lot of pop tarts that would be amazing and just some snacks and stuff. But about being here for six months I highly doubt that because this is the training zone and I figure I am out after this change but who knows. [One of our missionaries was transferred this week after being here for 6 months. He started his mission with us while Sam was still here and went out with him a few times.] The only people who stay in places for a long time are those in Sololá who learn a different language or are the Branch President. [Sololá is a city overlooking Lake Atitlan where they speak the Indian dialect.] We have three languages here, not counting Spanish.

Things are kind of rough; we have a really difficult situation with a mother with four kids. People here think all things from God are good, so they listen to our message and have a hard time understanding the concept of one true church. Kind of like all roads lead back to God. So it is kind of rough. Also this week I and my comp. got sick and that was really hard. So I have my nasty cough and my comp. hates it, but I can't fix it. My comp. and I just got done teaching a district meeting about commitments. After this email we have interviews so it will take about an hour to get to the stake center. Wednesday we have divisions with the “kids” in the CCM [he is referring to the new missionaries in the Guatemalan MTC] and I will go with a new missionary who came in this last change. [See his July 7, 2009 letter that tells when he was a "kid" going out from the CCM.]

I am so glad to hear that Katie had a good time at the temple and she is going [to go to the temple again] with Aubrey. I am happy to hear all those people are going to the temple it is an amazing experience and it makes me sad I can't go unless coverts go. I am glad Matt [Hunt, his cousin in SLC Mission] is having such a good time and I bet he will have more success then I - which I am so glad to hear. It is really amazing to see the changes in the lives of those we teach. We met one boy who was 19. He has been raised Catholic and we taught him the first lesson and his response was, “Wow, that is a strong message.” He is a bright kid and we hope he prays and reads. As missionaries that is so critical to help others to do those things because that is how they build their testimony, but for members it is how they grow and continue.

Tell Katie that sometimes it will be rough and hard but the greatest joy I have felt is seeing a person or family do that which is pleasing to their Father. It is such a blessing to be a conduit for that which changes lives. I love you all and hope you are all okay.

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