Wednesday, October 14, 2009

From the Rainy Coast ...

Well the house is bad, but I am okay and don't spend too much time in the moldy areas of the house. But the coast is super different. We have a branch of 174 people, but of course the problem is tithing. We have four missionaries in the ward because it is so big and are having amazing success. The other missionaries had a baptism and we went to it to help and the power went out in all of Guatemala and we had a car pull around the building and flash its lights into the baptismal room and it all worked out. The power goes out a ton and it pours all the time. So it is a good thing I got the package [with his rain jacket] on Monday. It is odd too because it is a hot rain; it doesn't cool off really here.

I am sorry I didn't say happy birthday, so happy birthday, and I love you. I wrote a letter and will try and get that to you as soon as I can.

I gave a talk at the baptism and bore my testimony in Sacrament meeting. But it is still hard right now and I could always use your prayers.

Thank you Jared and Cherie and Lance for the letters, they are great to have. And my bags made it through traveling (I got lucky) but no thanks to the Sham Wow Towel, I think because after a few weeks it stinks horribly, but thank you.

Love you all,
Elder Musick

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