Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Transferred to Escuintla

OK - so first things first:
One night we were late to an appointment and were on the other side of our area and it would take about 45 minutes to an hour to walk when a guy pulls over and gives us a ride. Come to find out he was an inactive member and his wife had left him. He wants to go back to church and talk to the bishop. We talked to him about some things of faith and got his number to get in contact with the missionaries and the bishop. Then he asked for a blessing where my comp. turns to me and says Elder Musick can you give the blessing. And so I did my first blessing in Spanish.

Yes, I watched conference at the stake center which takes some time to travel to and I watched all but four talks in English. I loved them, but I think my favorite was the new guy [Elder Neil L. Andersen?] sorry I forgot but it was about repentance and it was very cool because we had three investigators with problems. WOW - very cool to think of how it can help them.

I got transferred. I am in a place called Jacarandas 2 in Escuintla it is on the coast. It rains a ton and it is hot rain; it is super hot but super different than the capital. My comp. is Elder Ixtacuy from Xela (which the Quetzaltenango mission. But he knows a lot of English and is super helpful. My district is all Latin; I am the only whitey and as far as I know the only other one is my zone leader, but I don’t know the other district.

I have a giant house that is two stories and it is so filthy and has mold everywhere and I shower with freezing water. But I definitely miss my last comp. He was so amazing! At the change conference, he was to train again and was called up to the stage and right before looks at me a little teary eyed and handed me an amazing letter. So I could really use your prayers and support because this language is rough and my comp. wants to have great success but goes about it the wrong ways at times so I have to be the one to tell him, so some things will have to change.

I love you all and am glad things are going well - love you.

Elder Musick

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