Monday, November 30, 2009

Follow up on last week

Okay so I am sure I had an infection or some bacteria or something like that. But don't worry, I am better and will finish my pills today.

Gustavo Garcia is doing better and can kind of walk but he doesn't like sitting around so he doesn't rest too much. The family Rodriguez is amazing and the mom and sister will be baptized this Saturday and we are planning a trip to the temple for the next Friday. We have to get permission first but we should be able to go. And I will try and get you some pics. But the temple is like 2 hours away something like that.

The weather here is just hot and the sun is strong and it hasn't rain in a month maybe. But yeah we are hoping that this month we are most successful zone again because we had 25 baptisms in this zone of 8 companionships so we hope. But for our zone conference we are going to the mountains for a 3 or 4 zone conference. The church has some property up their so it should be cool.

Okay that really stinks about the cars (Jordan’s and Jared’s) and hope all is okay with everybody. I got your letter and the pics you sent which I loved - thanks.

I love you all and hope my letters are getting better and hope you are all okay.

Elder Musick

Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Blog for Guatemala City Central Mission!

The Guatemala City Central Mission has a new blog and there are a few pictures of Sam with his Zone at their "Most Successful Zone Celebration" at the Mission President's home.

The following pictures were on the blog. Check it out at:

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cultural Observation of the Week:

In Guatemala, Thanksgiving is not a holiday, so the Christmas celebrations start early. In early November, Christmas trees started springing up in all the homes (the plastic kind of course, real Christmas trees don´t exist here). Another sign that Christmas is approaching is that all of the young people have fireworks, and every night in all parts of the city, you can hear miniature explosions. There are sparklers and other small fireworks that we all used as children on the Fourth of

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Eventful week as Senior Comp

To answer your question: My companion’s name is Elder Jimenez and he has been out two months - he just started his second change.

This past weekend I got really, really sick. I had a temp. of 103 Saturday and 102 Sunday. I really just slept both those days. But don't worry my comp. was all over me whenever I needed my medicine and water or anything. We had a baptism this past Saturday so I got dressed went to it and came home and just slept more. But I am feeling better and the nurse here has got me on some strong drugs.

The baptism was really special because it was the family Rodriguez (the husband had been inactive for a long time but came back)and he baptized his wife and now we are trying to go to the temple with them in a few weeks for baptisms for the dead. We have a baptism date with his sister and want to set one with his mom too. They were a lot of help while I was sick and truly treat us like family; they are very special.

This Monday we went out even though I was still a little shaky and stopped by Miriam Garcia’s (the mom and little girl who were recent converts) and then a few other houses and then to the Family Rodriguez’s for FHE and there was a knock at the door. It was Miriam and she was crying in terror. Her son was run over by a bus over his hips. So we took off with them to the hospital with the family and they luckily let us in because they only wanted one person to enter, not two. We gave him a blessing and had to leave because it was late. We went by the day after and he was in the house and was cut up pretty bad but only had bruises on his hips and his knee was pretty bad but that was it. A really blessing.

And so that was my first week as senior comp. but I will say that I have felt the blessings of the Lord in our lessons. I can feel his hand guide me and it truly is a great blessing. I thank you for your prayers and would ask for you to continue you. But I love you and hope all is okay with you all.
Happy Thanksgiving,
- Elder Musick.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Assignment change

Well, I am glad to hear you had a great [Stake] Conference. We also had a conference that was just for Guatemala and Belize which was really amazing. [The activity at the Mission] President’s house was really fun. Saturday I found out that my comp had changes and that I had an interview. So I didn’t really sleep well over the course of two nights and then Monday was changes. I had my interview and must have done something wrong because I am now senior companion. I am in my fourth change and something like this is very odd in the mission. But I feel like I have a good comp. He is from El Salvador, but was born in Honduras. In my district they took all the senior comps out. I do feel really blessed because I feel like the Lord is helping me in this position and has helped my Spanish and in the promptings and guidance in this big step of my mission. Your prayers would be of great help and support at this time, though.

Monday we had a lesson with a family where the husband has been inactive for five years and came back and now his wife is receiving the lessons. She doesn’t have a testimony and so I have been studying in chapter five of PMG about the book of Mormon and how it helps with a testimony. We taught her about it and then Monday with my new comp, I asked, “Have you received an answer?” and with a tear in her eye and the spirit so strong she said, “Yes” and has a fecha [baptismal date] for this weekend. I really feel a big weight now as senior comp. and feel a big responsibility to change this area. But I also feel and know that the Lord has called and blessed me and I ask for your love and prayers to help me to do all I can to bless my comp. and also my investigators and their needs and that I can meet them.

I also got your big letter and enjoyed it. I thank you for your love and support of me and am truly blessed to have such an amazing loving family.

Elder Musick

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cultural Observation of the Week:

Although the region of Central America is united in many cultural aspects, each country, and each district of each country, differs slightly in the kind of food they eat, the accent they use when speaking, etc. Hermana Lagos, a sister missionary serving in Guatemala is originally from Honduras and this week her family gave her some cheese, tortillas, and beans from Honduras. In Honduras, the cheese has a much stronger flavour than in Guatemala. Also, while the people in Guatemala basically only eat black beans, the Honduranians, or catrachas as they say, only eat red beans, and none of them like the flavour of black beans.

Another difference is that in Honduras, the people eat flour tortillas, whereas here in Guatemala they only eat corn tortillas. Also, a quesadilla in Guatemala, is not what we buy in the United States (which is the Mexican quesadilla). In Guatemala, quesadilla refers to a kind of bread that the people eat which has a slightly cheesy flavour. In Honduras the word quesadilla refers to little bite size cookies...or basically a crunchy piece of bread that is flavoured like cheese. It is interesting to see how the meaning of one word describes things that are so different from one place to another.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Many Different Challenges

Okay, first of all, I am very sorry my stories and details are really lacking, I have had a lot on my mind and just have been busy. But first you don't need to send me shoes, but insoles would be great, polyester ties, those floss things and if you could send an electric razor, that would be amazing because my face is taking a beating here.

This past week the work has been rough. My comp. was sick Monday and slept all day. That was super rough but during that time I got to 2nd Nephi and almost finished Preach My Gospel. We also went to the capital this Friday for a really small conference on retention. That was really nice because there are two missionaries that are amazing and have really helped me during this change. But yesterday was pretty cool because I decided to fast and just felt so much closer to the spirit and that in my teaching my Spanish was so much better. It really was cool and I loved my fast.

In one week we have changes and I really have no idea what is going to happen. This Thursday we are going to the mission home because our zone was the most successful so that should be super fun and a really nice break. I really feel like in this change that I have grown in patience and learned how to love everyone. I really see the challenges in this change have turned me into a better missionary but it has been a difficult process.

You wanted to know what I have been going through and this is it. We have a lot of investigators with dates but a lot have problems and we are trying to help them but it is tricky because you have to be careful. We have one family that has a four year old who just loves to pray and says the sweetest prayers - which I don't really understand, but is very sweet. The problem is the husband is married to another lady and really that is how everyone on the coast is.

But I love you all and hope you are all okay. And Dad I have question for you - how do you help someone forgive themselves because that is a challenge with one of our investigators and was wondering if you had any hints that would help?

Monday, November 2, 2009

November News

Sam likes to try to answer our questions in his emails and as a result bounces around. So I included the questions he answered so his letter would make more sense. At least we can follow his experiences.

I wish there was a way for you and Katie to hear from each other without me having to make sure it gets to each of you.

I have been talking to Katie a little bit

Sister Natalie Angeles said she sent you a pumpkin email for Halloween. Did you get it?

Yes, I have gotten one message from Sister Angeles and loved to hear how she is doing.

What do they celebrate Halloween of sorts or Día de los Muertos in Guatemala?

But here they have a day of the dead and they eat some weird meat thing that has a ton of random stuff and people just go hangout in the graveyard all day or so.

About your shoes - I need more info. If your Rockports have worn out in 6 months, I do not want to replace them with the same thing. How are your Eccos doing? And what do you mean by supports?

Regarding my shoes, insoles is what I mean because mine are “shaky.” But the Eccos are good (I think, size 44).

Thank you for sharing your experiences. We love you so much and can't believe 1/4 of your mission is over.

Yesterday we had an investigator that needed an interview with [Branch] President Baldwin. It was so amazing because he came out with tears in his eyes because he had been receiving the missionaries for two years, got married but had some other things he needed to clear up. It is so very cool to see changes in people’s lives and the miracle of repentance.

Also we had a convert who hadn't eaten in several days. We talked to the Elders Quorum President and with a tear in his eye said hunger doesn't wait for tomorrow and gave us a ton of food for her. It is amazing here; hard, but amazing.

Love you all. Elder Musick