Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cultural Observation of the Week:

Although the region of Central America is united in many cultural aspects, each country, and each district of each country, differs slightly in the kind of food they eat, the accent they use when speaking, etc. Hermana Lagos, a sister missionary serving in Guatemala is originally from Honduras and this week her family gave her some cheese, tortillas, and beans from Honduras. In Honduras, the cheese has a much stronger flavour than in Guatemala. Also, while the people in Guatemala basically only eat black beans, the Honduranians, or catrachas as they say, only eat red beans, and none of them like the flavour of black beans.

Another difference is that in Honduras, the people eat flour tortillas, whereas here in Guatemala they only eat corn tortillas. Also, a quesadilla in Guatemala, is not what we buy in the United States (which is the Mexican quesadilla). In Guatemala, quesadilla refers to a kind of bread that the people eat which has a slightly cheesy flavour. In Honduras the word quesadilla refers to little bite size cookies...or basically a crunchy piece of bread that is flavoured like cheese. It is interesting to see how the meaning of one word describes things that are so different from one place to another.

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