Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Eventful week as Senior Comp

To answer your question: My companion’s name is Elder Jimenez and he has been out two months - he just started his second change.

This past weekend I got really, really sick. I had a temp. of 103 Saturday and 102 Sunday. I really just slept both those days. But don't worry my comp. was all over me whenever I needed my medicine and water or anything. We had a baptism this past Saturday so I got dressed went to it and came home and just slept more. But I am feeling better and the nurse here has got me on some strong drugs.

The baptism was really special because it was the family Rodriguez (the husband had been inactive for a long time but came back)and he baptized his wife and now we are trying to go to the temple with them in a few weeks for baptisms for the dead. We have a baptism date with his sister and want to set one with his mom too. They were a lot of help while I was sick and truly treat us like family; they are very special.

This Monday we went out even though I was still a little shaky and stopped by Miriam Garcia’s (the mom and little girl who were recent converts) and then a few other houses and then to the Family Rodriguez’s for FHE and there was a knock at the door. It was Miriam and she was crying in terror. Her son was run over by a bus over his hips. So we took off with them to the hospital with the family and they luckily let us in because they only wanted one person to enter, not two. We gave him a blessing and had to leave because it was late. We went by the day after and he was in the house and was cut up pretty bad but only had bruises on his hips and his knee was pretty bad but that was it. A really blessing.

And so that was my first week as senior comp. but I will say that I have felt the blessings of the Lord in our lessons. I can feel his hand guide me and it truly is a great blessing. I thank you for your prayers and would ask for you to continue you. But I love you and hope all is okay with you all.
Happy Thanksgiving,
- Elder Musick.

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