Monday, November 30, 2009

Follow up on last week

Okay so I am sure I had an infection or some bacteria or something like that. But don't worry, I am better and will finish my pills today.

Gustavo Garcia is doing better and can kind of walk but he doesn't like sitting around so he doesn't rest too much. The family Rodriguez is amazing and the mom and sister will be baptized this Saturday and we are planning a trip to the temple for the next Friday. We have to get permission first but we should be able to go. And I will try and get you some pics. But the temple is like 2 hours away something like that.

The weather here is just hot and the sun is strong and it hasn't rain in a month maybe. But yeah we are hoping that this month we are most successful zone again because we had 25 baptisms in this zone of 8 companionships so we hope. But for our zone conference we are going to the mountains for a 3 or 4 zone conference. The church has some property up their so it should be cool.

Okay that really stinks about the cars (Jordan’s and Jared’s) and hope all is okay with everybody. I got your letter and the pics you sent which I loved - thanks.

I love you all and hope my letters are getting better and hope you are all okay.

Elder Musick

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