Monday, November 2, 2009

November News

Sam likes to try to answer our questions in his emails and as a result bounces around. So I included the questions he answered so his letter would make more sense. At least we can follow his experiences.

I wish there was a way for you and Katie to hear from each other without me having to make sure it gets to each of you.

I have been talking to Katie a little bit

Sister Natalie Angeles said she sent you a pumpkin email for Halloween. Did you get it?

Yes, I have gotten one message from Sister Angeles and loved to hear how she is doing.

What do they celebrate Halloween of sorts or Día de los Muertos in Guatemala?

But here they have a day of the dead and they eat some weird meat thing that has a ton of random stuff and people just go hangout in the graveyard all day or so.

About your shoes - I need more info. If your Rockports have worn out in 6 months, I do not want to replace them with the same thing. How are your Eccos doing? And what do you mean by supports?

Regarding my shoes, insoles is what I mean because mine are “shaky.” But the Eccos are good (I think, size 44).

Thank you for sharing your experiences. We love you so much and can't believe 1/4 of your mission is over.

Yesterday we had an investigator that needed an interview with [Branch] President Baldwin. It was so amazing because he came out with tears in his eyes because he had been receiving the missionaries for two years, got married but had some other things he needed to clear up. It is so very cool to see changes in people’s lives and the miracle of repentance.

Also we had a convert who hadn't eaten in several days. We talked to the Elders Quorum President and with a tear in his eye said hunger doesn't wait for tomorrow and gave us a ton of food for her. It is amazing here; hard, but amazing.

Love you all. Elder Musick

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