Monday, December 7, 2009

December "miracle" and wonderful converts

Okay, so I got your packages and a package from the Smith family so please thank them for me. I loved my packages and I got them when we had house inspections. And all the missionaries were mad I got three packages in one day. So thank you.

And I know I shouldn't boast but I performed a miracle this week. I cleaned our two-story house that has a giant roof top. And right now it is safra and so we have ash everywhere because they just burn the sugar cane. But we got a great review because Hermana Baldwin said in two years it is the cleanest she has ever seen it.

But in other news we had two baptisms this weekend of the mother and sister to Marco Vinico Rodriguez. So we completed the family except to two little ones who are two and four. And I had the honor to do the confirmation. But then that night we took the Family Garcia and the Family Rodriguez to the Christmas Devotional where we saw the family Mendoza. They are recent converts and they had been investigating the church for three years and need the interview with President Baldwin. So it was really cool but the kids all sat by me so I couldn't focus really well. But I enjoyed it all.

So this Friday we are planning to go to the temple with the family Rodriguez and so that will be our p-day for the week. But we are really looking forward to it. And we finally have a cook - it is Irma Rodriguez who was baptized two weeks ago. But right now we have been truly blessed by the Lord and are so truly grateful. But still have a lot to work on.

About the Christmas call - I have no idea what you mean or want but when I know something I will let you know. But this Friday I will need to probably use some money at the temple for some investigators just to let you know.

And I need a huge favor. The two year old in the family Rodriguez can't speak and has some problems and so we want to teach him some sign language to help Irma and him because it is real difficult at times. Could you find a sign language book in Spanish as soon as possible because changes are the 28 of this month and need to get it before that just in case. I would really, really be indebted to you for this. Love you, mom, and thanks for the packages.

And what do you mean special delivery?

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