Monday, December 14, 2009

Temple Blessings

The temple was truly amazing. I was a witness for the baptisms and ran into my old comp's brothers at the temple. I have photos and will try to get some to you. The temple trip was pretty much all day and it was amazing. They all loved it, even the little ones. But this week we have been super busy. We had to wake up at 5 one day to have a lesson at 6 in the morning. The Lord has truly blessed us here in this area.

Yesterday we had divisions pretty much all day after church and I went with Hermano Rodriguez and he absolutely loved it and he said whenever we need him he will help out. Later that night I went with Oscar Mendoza who has been a member a month or so. He had investigated the church for three years, got married and needed an interview with President Baldwin. He had served in the military and had killed a lot of people. Well, we had a lesson with a new investigator who was a hit man - the people he used to hunt down. But it was one of the most powerful lessons I have ever been in. Oscar spoke with such power and the whole time was lead by the spirit. He offered such support and comfort and has such a testimony of repentence; it blew my mind. But mom, don't worry I am protected by the Lord and we are safe.

I just found out my companion’s grandfather just passed away so that will be another hard challenge to face this week. So I please ask for your prayers to help him out.

I would love to see pictures from the Jorgensen/Vlach wedding because that really is a happy day. Aubrey chose a better life because it includes the gospel and a worthy Priesthood holder.

I really am blessed for all that you have been doing for me and how you have all blessed and helped me to be who I am today. To be honest, I have seen the hand of the Lord almost every day here. But really as I try to help people get married or divorced or counsel them about repentence of some heavy things, I know that the Lord has qualified me and that in this past month I realize as a senior comp that I am more like my father then I know and how blessed I am to have that great blessing to be similar to such a great man.

I love you all so much and pray all is well. Know that my families here are taking great care of me. The families Garcia, Rodriguez and Mendoza are always blessing me.

And mom, I know nothing about calls but tomorrow or the next week I will.

Elder Musick

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