Saturday, January 30, 2010

Office Busy-ness

I am sorry I haven’t been able to write. We had to open six new houses in the mission so we have been doing a lot of traveling and moving. This is just a small opportunity to write so I thought I would say hi.

Things are crazy in the office. We have changes coming up and so we have to prepare a ton of things. We have 7 missionaries leaving and 20 coming in. We will have 201 missionaries after this change. And we just got an older couple in the mission and they are really sweet. They are the Hatches and he was the LA Temple President and his wife and knows Grandma and Papa Musick from working with them in the temple.

But I love you all and hope all is well. And hope your trip is fun. I also bought the camera and something for it so I hope my math was right and didn't take more than I had but if you could check that and put just a little more in just in case. Love you all.

Elder Musick

Monday, January 18, 2010

New Adventures

Okay, so we did have some fun things this last week. We went to the coast to my old zone to put in new beds and I realized how hot it is down there. But we went to my old house and the guy who was a hitman was waiting for me with my old comp. because he wanted to say hi and then we stopped by the family Rodriguez for a second to say hi - it was way cool. The hitman had an interview with President last week and is waiting on a reply from the First Presidency.

I also can drive now, but it is pretty hard because it really is no-rules driving here, so we can pretty much do what we want when we drive.

It is hard being in the office because I talk to my old comp. and they are doing amazing and well, we really don't get to work in our area too much. I miss it a lot. But I now I am doing good here and helping others. But you guys sound like you have been busy with all that is going on so that is good.

So, I am wondering how much money I have in my debit account because I can get a good camera at Price Smart for an okay price for here. So can you tell me how much I have in my account because I know Grandma and Papa gave you a some money for Christmas. That way I am not missing out because we are going to Panajachel by Lake Atitlan for our cool p-day. Wwe get one of those once a change.

Love you all and will try to do better in writing. I can write whenever I have time so I will try better and write more often. - Elder Musick

Panajachel, isolated in the Guatemalan highlands, provides breathtaking views of three volcanoes that embellish perhaps the most beautiful lake in the world, Lake Atitlan. These geologically monolithic volcanoes, Toliman, Atitlan and San Pedro forge an awe inspiring stage limited only by ones imagination. Panajachel is the doorway to Lake Atitlan's magnificent indigenous villages, Santiago Atitlan, Santa Catarina Palopo, San Pedro, San Marcos, Santa Cruz, Jaibalito, San Juan, San Lucas Toliman and San Antonio Palopo, all are famous for its weavers typical clothes.

Below is the entrance to Hotel Atitlan that Randy and Cathy stayed in (2004) that overlooked the lake

This is an interior courtyard view from the rooms and the lake just beyond

This is a view from the Hotel over the lake - Isn't it magnificient! Have fun, Elder Musick!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just another quick note....

Hey, so I did get your package and thank you ever so much for the razor.

So I had my interview with president and then afterwards we had our staff meeting in the office which was very cool. I have found out that here in the office I know a ton about everything and so it is kinda cool. But we have to go run an errand so I will have to write later.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Just a quick note...

Okay, so I am finally better. I was horribly sick - throwing up for the past four days. It was really, really bad. But the great news is that am better and working again. So in the office we are in charge of the mail, mission cars, food orders from price mart, imputing Baptismal records that go to the area office, and housing for all the missionaries. Pretty much we are the assistants to Sister Baldwin. But we are going so I will finish this another day. - Sam

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Just a peek of Sam ...

A Zone conference BBQ in December shows Sam peeking out at us and a plate full of good food, too. The Guatemala City Central Mission Blog has more pictures of the event at
It is toward the bottom of the blog. Just in case you are looking for him in the office elder pictures in the beginning of the blog, the pictures were taken in December, before he was transferred there.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Everything's Different

Okay, regarding our p-day, we don't have a p-day. We have hours one day and then a few a different day and we write letters when we have time in the office. Plus I got really, really sick Monday and have been throwing up for three days straight so I haven't been in the office since Monday. Things are super weird in the office I feel like a I have a full time job with another full time job right after.
But here are the answers you wanted:

Where do you live house/apartment?
-We live in a house - it is just the four secretaries, but the assistants live four houses down from us with our district leader.

How far is it from the Mission Office?
-It takes like a half an hour to get to the office, but we have a car most of the time.

How far is that from the Temple?
-Well, President lives across the street and we go over often but it is like half hour from the office.

Why do you call Elder Long "your brother in the mission"?
-He is my brother because we had the same trainer Elder Wankier.

What things do you have to do?
-We are in charge of a lot of stuff and I don't even know a fourth of it but later on I might be able respond to that one.

Please share your typical day of events. -Wake up and work out like normal; go to the office at 8:00 and work till about 5:00 or 6:00; get back to the house and then go work in the area. But in this change we are preparing to open six new houses for the coming change so we will have to travel a lot and probably be gone all day.

Are you in a branch/ward?
-It is a ward with six missionaries in it because we think we will be changing houses this change or the next, so they already have two there when we leave.

Do you cook for yourself? have a cook? -We kinda cook for ourselves or eat out.

Does someone clean your clothes? -We wash our clothes ourselves.

Do you enjoy being back in the city or do you prefer the towns? -It is such a big change that I haven't had time to even think about it.

But I hope this helped a little bit love you all.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Cultural Observation

In the countdown to midnight on New Year's Eve, supposedly the people here eat twelve grapes in the last twelve seconds of the year and make wishes in the process. I'm not sure how the tradition got started, but our comedor talked about the tradition when she gave us a bag of grapes with an apple on Christmas. (I guess they also eat grapes at midnight on Christmas Eve, but not in the last twelve seconds like on New Year's Eve).

Expecting an email today?

I got another email from missionary mom, Lisa, with a warning: "Just so you aren't disappointed if you don't get an email today, I wanted to let you know that since my son has been in the office, he said that they don't email on Mondays because they are so busy. He told me that the office schedule is pretty busy and they work all day until 5pm in the office and then go out teaching from 5-9pm each night. They also teach all day on Saturday because it's such a great day to contact people who aren't working their regular jobs. The President told them they could choose which day was going to be their pday. Sister Baldwin said regarding the office that "The 11th Commandment of the Office is Flexibility."

So I guess we will wait to hear from him ... if ever, since "he doesn't really think about us that much." Gotta love him.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

re: The Office

Thanks to another Missionary Mom (Lisa Jacobs), I was able to get a better picture of what Sam is doing as an Office Elder. Her son (Tyler Jacobs) has been there for a transfer already so she filled in a few details and even some pictures!! Here are some things I learned:

- the office Elders drive a very nice mini van and they shop for food at a warehouse store like Sam's Club or Costco. They go there once a month and spend most of their money on food, but that allows them to have enough food for the entire month. [Elder Jacobs has gained about 18 lbs since being out so there may be hope for Sam, even though in his Christmas call he said his shirt collars are very loose!!]

- 4 of the 6 office missionaries all came into the mission field at the same time. They serve in the office during the day and teach in the evenings and on Saturday.

Mission office, inside

The office minivan
Elder Cesena (exec. sec. to the President & Tyler's companion) & Elder Tyler Jacobs (financial secretary)

Thanks, Lisa, for the info and photos!