Thursday, January 7, 2010

Everything's Different

Okay, regarding our p-day, we don't have a p-day. We have hours one day and then a few a different day and we write letters when we have time in the office. Plus I got really, really sick Monday and have been throwing up for three days straight so I haven't been in the office since Monday. Things are super weird in the office I feel like a I have a full time job with another full time job right after.
But here are the answers you wanted:

Where do you live house/apartment?
-We live in a house - it is just the four secretaries, but the assistants live four houses down from us with our district leader.

How far is it from the Mission Office?
-It takes like a half an hour to get to the office, but we have a car most of the time.

How far is that from the Temple?
-Well, President lives across the street and we go over often but it is like half hour from the office.

Why do you call Elder Long "your brother in the mission"?
-He is my brother because we had the same trainer Elder Wankier.

What things do you have to do?
-We are in charge of a lot of stuff and I don't even know a fourth of it but later on I might be able respond to that one.

Please share your typical day of events. -Wake up and work out like normal; go to the office at 8:00 and work till about 5:00 or 6:00; get back to the house and then go work in the area. But in this change we are preparing to open six new houses for the coming change so we will have to travel a lot and probably be gone all day.

Are you in a branch/ward?
-It is a ward with six missionaries in it because we think we will be changing houses this change or the next, so they already have two there when we leave.

Do you cook for yourself? have a cook? -We kinda cook for ourselves or eat out.

Does someone clean your clothes? -We wash our clothes ourselves.

Do you enjoy being back in the city or do you prefer the towns? -It is such a big change that I haven't had time to even think about it.

But I hope this helped a little bit love you all.

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