Monday, January 4, 2010

Expecting an email today?

I got another email from missionary mom, Lisa, with a warning: "Just so you aren't disappointed if you don't get an email today, I wanted to let you know that since my son has been in the office, he said that they don't email on Mondays because they are so busy. He told me that the office schedule is pretty busy and they work all day until 5pm in the office and then go out teaching from 5-9pm each night. They also teach all day on Saturday because it's such a great day to contact people who aren't working their regular jobs. The President told them they could choose which day was going to be their pday. Sister Baldwin said regarding the office that "The 11th Commandment of the Office is Flexibility."

So I guess we will wait to hear from him ... if ever, since "he doesn't really think about us that much." Gotta love him.

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