Thursday, February 18, 2010

Meeting an Apostle - Way cool!

Okay, so last Sunday Elder Neil L. Andersen (of the Quorum of Twelve) spoke to our stake as well as his wife and a member of the area presidency and his wife. It was a very cool meeting. Then yesterday we went to Sololá, which is up in the mountains, to have a zone conference with two zones and the office got lucky so we got to go. One of the things that is cool about Elder Anderson is that he knows French, Portuguese, Italian, and somewhat of Spanish. He knows Spanish grammar really well, but he has a hard time with the pronunciation. But he and his wife are really amazing in that they learned and worked so hard to speak in Spanish for everyone. I was able to shake his hand twice and he seems like a very loving and funny man.

But things are really interesting here. We are preparing to receive a lot of missionaries for this new mission that will take some of our mission and the office knows what parts, but we are not allowed to say anything but there are maps on the church news site. Things are always interesting here in the office. I did receive the Valentines package and thank you for the sweets. I hope you guys had a good time at the wedding and also in Hawaii.

Love you all, Elder Musick

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