Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Samena Santa

So things have been very crazy for me here. I am helping a new missionary in the office and so when the president wants something done, he will look to me to do it. But I find myself losing my mind - a lot. I really lost it because we have a really old [computer] program we use and well, something went wrong and it took me two weeks to figure it out. Not very fun. I also had my foot run over by a car, but nothing happened to it. I think with everything that is going on that the Lord wants me to learn patience. And with all that is going on with me, that is a trick.

Also this week is Samena Santa [Holy Week] and everything is about to close down and everyone leaves the capital to go to the coast or Antigue. It is just a giant week of apostasy.

All of us are looking forward to seeing conference this coming weekend. I want to thank you for sending me that package and e-mails and letters for my birthday. I hope I can find some time to write you guys a really good e-mail like the time before. But I love you all and hope all is well with you all.

To understand more about the Guatemlan traditions of Samena Santa click HERE

Friday, March 26, 2010

Okay so everything in the office is very business like as you can see by the pictures. But in all honesty we have to have fun because if not we really go crazy so we find things that help us to keep our sanity which sometimes is odd because to do that we have to lose our sanity.But we are always invited to the fun activities in the mission like zona mas exitosa were we had two zones together and of course the office staff because we always bring the fun. I think it is because we are like trapped rats and when we are set loose we go crazy.
If you’re looking for me I am in the very back with my hands up. But it isn’t always fun and games because we always have to feed the missionaries that are going home or coming in. Now Sister Baldwin always has us wear aprons so please don’t judge me. But as I was wearing this number President thought to make a good joke as he told me “Wow! that looks girlish, but if the shoe fits.” And later to the missionaries he says “Que Linda” Well, I think that is just a little of what we have been up to lately. But I will try and always keep you guys updated a little bit always. I pray all is well and that you guys are still surviving without me, especially Bethany. But love you all.
Elder Musick.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Crazy Monday and Crazy Tuesday

Okay, so today is a very odd day because we were going to have changes but because there is protesting and riots, we had to cancel it late last night and are going to have them tomorrow at 2. No one is really in the capital right now. They are striking because the government is trying to [change] the public transportation system and all the bus drivers aren't going for it so they are striking and rioting a little bit. [See the NEWS account below] But don't worry it really isn't that bad. So tomorrow I will be receiving a new companion, but for today we will be serving the missionaries that are leaving to go home. Then after that we will go and pick up the “greengos” from the airport and then the next day is another mess. We will have to get up a little before five to get to the CCM to pick up the new missionaries; afterwards we have to go to the change conference. And after that I will have to take a few of the new sisters to their areas. We always call this crazy Monday and crazy Tuesday because something always goes wrong - like it is right now.

For my birthday I ran errands with President and Sister Baldwin. We went shopping --that was kind of weird. But Sister Baldwin bought me a lemon meringue pie…well; she bought two, one to share and one just for me. She really is an amazing lady, though. Later that day we went to Applebee’s to eat, which was also very cool. It was just the office missionaries and the food was amazing.

Thank you all who sent me letters and e-mails. I know I am terrible at writing letters but if you could ask me some questions or give me a little help so I know what to write about. Love you all very much and hope all is well … and that is very exciting for Jared to get that job back.

NEWS: Guatemala City clogged with bus driver protests
Guatemalan police say dozens of bus drivers clashed with authorities and used their vehicles to block access to the capital to demand better security.

Police spokesman Donald Gonzalez says that one bus driver was wounded by gunfire and 16 were arrested during Monday's conflict.

The Guatemalan government is launching a new public transportation system with 3,500 buses in an effort to provide safer and more reliable transit in Guatemala City.

The drivers are demanding that those protections be extended to their network of 8,000 private buses.

Bus transportation is risky in Guatemala: Last year, gunmen killed more than 170 drivers to scare others into paying extortion fees.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Click on the picture and look in the top right hand corner for Elder Musick

As posted on the Guatemala City Central Mission Blog - "We were blessed to host Elder Neal A. Anderson and Sister Anderson, Elder Don R. Clark and Sister Clark and temple President Mask and Sister Mask for zone conferences with the Chimaltenango and Solola zones during Elder Anderson's tour of Guatemala."

Monday, March 15, 2010

Look at that Elder dance ....

Check out the Guatemala City Central blog and see Elder Musick teaching those elders how to dance. Click HERE
Scroll down to the 2010 February Zone Leaders Council 2 to see him in action. Warning: It may make you miss him more that you already do.

Happy Birthday, Sister Baldwin ...

Sister Baldwin was treated royally on her birthday by our office elders Cesena, Long, Melville, Musick, Sanchez and Jacobs. Roses, favorite Yorks Peppermint Patties and a lovely photo book of the Savior, "Another Testament" were the gifts given.

To their Moms and Dads...thank you for letting us share your thoughtful sons for these two short years!

Sister Baldwin, thank you for posting these events so that we know Elder Musick is still alive and kicking!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Once again we get a newsy letter from Elder Musick, full of details of the past week …. at least we know he is alive and well.

So this week has been really crazy and we haven't been able to work in our area and it is now Friday. But luckily we can on Saturday and Sunday. We had to take a missionary to the hospital, look for houses and move into houses. So time is something I haven't had a lot of. And I really can't promise that next week will be better or the week after but I hope that I will at least have a little time to write sometime.

Love you all and hope all is well.

Friday, March 12, 2010

A newsy letter - for a change

Okay, so I know that I have not been very good about sending letters or e-mails. So I am going to try to make up for my weak attempts before. But I have some photos that I will add to help support my explanations.

Okay so a week after I left the coast the two kids (Jonathan and Katie) in the first picture were baptized and then the young man to the right (Marvin) of me was baptized two weeks after I had left. But what was cool is because I am in the office now, I put the baptismal records in the computer to send to Salt Lake I got to put all of them in and some of my other baptisms as well. Another blessing is because we travel to the coast a lot for office related things, I often see many of my friends and converts that are at the coast with me.

The Family Garcia went through a little bit of a hard time after I left. Miriam (the Mother) finally found work but it was on Sunday, but she was blessed to find work elsewhere and is able to go to church. I heard that Candi, the one holding her baby, has a baptismal date and was able to work things out with her husband.

This is the family Jimenez that I went to tell that I had changes and they weren’t there. But after hearing that I was leaving that morning they came to our house to say good-bye on Sunday night. That truly broke my heart. And just so you know right behind me is our house that was really, really dirty and had tons of black mold.

Then I came into the office and had to live the hard life. Driving and eat fast food at Wendy’s. (As you can see by the cup) But really it isn’t always the most fun. I mean there are lots of perks, but then I don’t get to really work in the area as a real missionary. But we do get to go to cool places and meet a lot of cool people.

So I hope this letter was a little better than the rest have been and I hope that I can work on write more often and more like this.

[The pictures that go along with this post were inserted into a word document and I am not able to bring them into the blog - sorry! All I can say is that Sam looks like he is so tall - even a head+ taller than most. I am afraid he will feel short when he comes back home.]

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Well, this last week has been calm. We have been looking for houses for all the new missonaries and so today we went out with Sister Baldwin to find a house. Yesterday we went out to eat at a pretty nice place for our p-hours and as we were finishing President and Sister Baldwin came in. It was odd because President Baldwin was in a very relaxed mood.

About the whole teaching thing - no, I don't get to teach a ton. Maybe a good week could be 7 lessons total. So it can be a little difficult. But being in the office is a great learning experince. I don't really know what to tell you though so if you could ask me some questions that would help out a lot.

But I do love you all and hope all is well. And sorry I just don't know what to write because there never anything really cool happening in the office. But I love you and take care.

- Elder Musick

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Posted on the GCCM Blog

2010 February Preparing for changes...cambios!

The change process happens a week before the change actually occurs. President and the assistants work for two days. At the end of the second day, the secretaries view the changes. The office elders begin to process the change immediately. It takes a week to prepare everything in the computer, the missionary boards, letters written to stake and district leaders and a logistics plan for moving the missionaries

Before viewing the changes...


Elders teasing our new missionary, Elder Pickett

Focusing on the spiritual... Elders Patterson, Musick, Montoya and Sisters Earl, Buterbaugh