Friday, March 12, 2010

A newsy letter - for a change

Okay, so I know that I have not been very good about sending letters or e-mails. So I am going to try to make up for my weak attempts before. But I have some photos that I will add to help support my explanations.

Okay so a week after I left the coast the two kids (Jonathan and Katie) in the first picture were baptized and then the young man to the right (Marvin) of me was baptized two weeks after I had left. But what was cool is because I am in the office now, I put the baptismal records in the computer to send to Salt Lake I got to put all of them in and some of my other baptisms as well. Another blessing is because we travel to the coast a lot for office related things, I often see many of my friends and converts that are at the coast with me.

The Family Garcia went through a little bit of a hard time after I left. Miriam (the Mother) finally found work but it was on Sunday, but she was blessed to find work elsewhere and is able to go to church. I heard that Candi, the one holding her baby, has a baptismal date and was able to work things out with her husband.

This is the family Jimenez that I went to tell that I had changes and they weren’t there. But after hearing that I was leaving that morning they came to our house to say good-bye on Sunday night. That truly broke my heart. And just so you know right behind me is our house that was really, really dirty and had tons of black mold.

Then I came into the office and had to live the hard life. Driving and eat fast food at Wendy’s. (As you can see by the cup) But really it isn’t always the most fun. I mean there are lots of perks, but then I don’t get to really work in the area as a real missionary. But we do get to go to cool places and meet a lot of cool people.

So I hope this letter was a little better than the rest have been and I hope that I can work on write more often and more like this.

[The pictures that go along with this post were inserted into a word document and I am not able to bring them into the blog - sorry! All I can say is that Sam looks like he is so tall - even a head+ taller than most. I am afraid he will feel short when he comes back home.]

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