Friday, March 26, 2010

Okay so everything in the office is very business like as you can see by the pictures. But in all honesty we have to have fun because if not we really go crazy so we find things that help us to keep our sanity which sometimes is odd because to do that we have to lose our sanity.But we are always invited to the fun activities in the mission like zona mas exitosa were we had two zones together and of course the office staff because we always bring the fun. I think it is because we are like trapped rats and when we are set loose we go crazy.
If you’re looking for me I am in the very back with my hands up. But it isn’t always fun and games because we always have to feed the missionaries that are going home or coming in. Now Sister Baldwin always has us wear aprons so please don’t judge me. But as I was wearing this number President thought to make a good joke as he told me “Wow! that looks girlish, but if the shoe fits.” And later to the missionaries he says “Que Linda” Well, I think that is just a little of what we have been up to lately. But I will try and always keep you guys updated a little bit always. I pray all is well and that you guys are still surviving without me, especially Bethany. But love you all.
Elder Musick.

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