Monday, March 22, 2010

Crazy Monday and Crazy Tuesday

Okay, so today is a very odd day because we were going to have changes but because there is protesting and riots, we had to cancel it late last night and are going to have them tomorrow at 2. No one is really in the capital right now. They are striking because the government is trying to [change] the public transportation system and all the bus drivers aren't going for it so they are striking and rioting a little bit. [See the NEWS account below] But don't worry it really isn't that bad. So tomorrow I will be receiving a new companion, but for today we will be serving the missionaries that are leaving to go home. Then after that we will go and pick up the “greengos” from the airport and then the next day is another mess. We will have to get up a little before five to get to the CCM to pick up the new missionaries; afterwards we have to go to the change conference. And after that I will have to take a few of the new sisters to their areas. We always call this crazy Monday and crazy Tuesday because something always goes wrong - like it is right now.

For my birthday I ran errands with President and Sister Baldwin. We went shopping --that was kind of weird. But Sister Baldwin bought me a lemon meringue pie…well; she bought two, one to share and one just for me. She really is an amazing lady, though. Later that day we went to Applebee’s to eat, which was also very cool. It was just the office missionaries and the food was amazing.

Thank you all who sent me letters and e-mails. I know I am terrible at writing letters but if you could ask me some questions or give me a little help so I know what to write about. Love you all very much and hope all is well … and that is very exciting for Jared to get that job back.

NEWS: Guatemala City clogged with bus driver protests
Guatemalan police say dozens of bus drivers clashed with authorities and used their vehicles to block access to the capital to demand better security.

Police spokesman Donald Gonzalez says that one bus driver was wounded by gunfire and 16 were arrested during Monday's conflict.

The Guatemalan government is launching a new public transportation system with 3,500 buses in an effort to provide safer and more reliable transit in Guatemala City.

The drivers are demanding that those protections be extended to their network of 8,000 private buses.

Bus transportation is risky in Guatemala: Last year, gunmen killed more than 170 drivers to scare others into paying extortion fees.

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