Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Samena Santa

So things have been very crazy for me here. I am helping a new missionary in the office and so when the president wants something done, he will look to me to do it. But I find myself losing my mind - a lot. I really lost it because we have a really old [computer] program we use and well, something went wrong and it took me two weeks to figure it out. Not very fun. I also had my foot run over by a car, but nothing happened to it. I think with everything that is going on that the Lord wants me to learn patience. And with all that is going on with me, that is a trick.

Also this week is Samena Santa [Holy Week] and everything is about to close down and everyone leaves the capital to go to the coast or Antigue. It is just a giant week of apostasy.

All of us are looking forward to seeing conference this coming weekend. I want to thank you for sending me that package and e-mails and letters for my birthday. I hope I can find some time to write you guys a really good e-mail like the time before. But I love you all and hope all is well with you all.

To understand more about the Guatemlan traditions of Samena Santa click HERE

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