Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Loving Conference

Yes, I was able to watch conference in English the entire time and it was really amazing. I truly feel very humbled to hear such great talks and I feel that I have much to improve and work on. I also enjoyed Elder Martino's talk and thought it was very special. I also had known that connection from before. [He is Sister Dishman's uncle.]

This past Thursday I received a call from our mission nurse and she said that a missionary had cut his hand and needed to get stitches in the morning. So I had to drive to Sololá by lake Atitlan to pick up him and his companion (who happened to be my old companion, Elder Long). I got home at 12 at night and then woke up the next day early to take them to the doctor. Then later that afternoon I went to Antigua for a couple hours of p-day. But it is very interesting the things I get to do. I wouldn't say the most fun at times, but other times they are. I enjoyed the story about the boys and naked dances and also poop for dinner (see below for explanation). But I love you guys all very much and hope and pray all is well for you guys.

Elder Musick
Secretario de la Mision
Misión Guatemala Central
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At Applebee's!!!

I told Sam about his nephews' visit and the things they did that I thought Sam would enjoy hearing about... Brody (age 2) was in decompression mode today. Erik (age 6) and Brock (age 3) left Saturday, but tonight Brody ran through the house before his bath naked as a Jay bird and gave us a modified Booty shake a la Brock and then ran back to the tub. He was watching the big boys very carefully - as you can see. Another funny story - I served a small conference-style breakfast for everyone Saturday morning before conference and before Kelsey left. I served some sausages and when we put one on Brody's plate, he looked at it for the longest time and then announced "I no eat Chancey's poop!" So I gave it to Erik and he ate it and loved it. But we all roared with that. He is obsessed with cleaning up after Chancey (the dog) in the backyard. Actually he makes me everytime we go out there. Goofy kid! It was funny, though.

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