Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another ... Thanks, Lance

Okay, so Lance wrote me and told me to shape up and write you. Well, I am sorry first of all it has been a very crazy change. For example, these pictures are with a young man who went home because he lost so much weight and they did a lot of testing on him and could not find a problem so he had to go home. His name is Elder Ruddle.

He was with us for a day and then we took him to the airport. Then a week or so later we had to take a sister home who broke her ankle but we took her home, home and that was super awkward, so I have decided after that that I will not be coming home...ever! We also had to take all those missionaries and others to the hospital and usually had late nights.

But also on the other hand we have had to open four houses this last change in the meanwhile we were picking up all of the extra furniture in the mission and that means traveling to the farthest parts of our mission. But it was kind of difficult coming back from these areas with all the extra furniture in the van and the two assistants so a lot of the times it ended up like this, with me on top of desks and Elder Melville below while the other two were in the front seats.

But I love you all and know I don’t write much because I feel bad to take personal time to write others when there are so many things I could be doing here. I love you all and am sorry and will try to write better.

The pictures he describes is in a word document and I haven't been able to load those on to the Blog, sorry.

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