Friday, May 14, 2010

So, I really enjoyed talking to you guys - I thought it was better than Christmas. But I am sorry I don’t write as much or very well. I really enjoyed talking to Brody in Spanish. He is very cute and it is weird to hear him speaking some much. I find it hard to write because I just don’t set time aside to do so. But I will make a bigger push to do so. This past week has been somewhat crazy. I have learned though that a day in the office is never a normal day but rather a new day everyday.

Yesterday we had our interviews and also our staff meeting. I talked to President Baldwin about stress and also how not to analysis myself so much; because, like my father, I tend to find myself stressed out in the office. And if I don’t accomplish what is asked of me, I feel pretty bad and take it pretty hard. But I felt President Baldwin helped me to analysis my work better. He also told me that I will be out this next change so I am pretty excited to be a real missionary again and not have late nights or crazy things to do. I will just have the blessing to teach and preach the gospel - I am pretty excited. And I know that will help out with my stress. I am also looking at what is going on in the mission to see where I could go.

Things have been really crazy - setting everything up for the change in the mission; it will be happening in this change and the next so it will be an interesting couple of weeks. The blessing is that we don’t have to open any houses this next change so that will help out a lot. But when I will leave the office, I will have 11 months left!

In the ward we are planning an activity; it will be like a musical devotional and we are going to cover the first lesson and also are going to have narrators that will share scriptures and then at the very end President Baldwin will talk a little bit about the restoration. But I won’t be here for the activity, which is kind of sad.

I love you guys and hope all is well and hope this is better. Mom, I am not sure what to do - my backpack is breaking and I am not sure if I should get a new one or not. Also could you send some pictures of me and the family at the mud run or football or track. Just some fun ones. I love you guys and hope you enjoyed the chat. I was glad that almost all the family was there.
Love you guys, Elder Musick.

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