Wednesday, May 12, 2010

View From the Top of the Hill Looking Out (or Ode to Sam, the Man)

On the thirteenth of May, two thousand and nine,
We dropped off our Sam, he was feeling quite fine.

That one day, then two, and then a few more
Turned into 6 weeks and then out that door.

Out of the MTC, heading far south
Uttering strange words straight out of his mouth.

To CCM training, gladly he goes
Three weeks quickly pass, still light on his toes.

But out in the field - say, what did you say?
He did not ‘comprendo’ a word that first day!

But slowly he learns, he speaks and he sings,
He loves and he works, does mission’ry things.

And now at the midpoint, center, half-way
He wonders where have gone all of those days.

A’top of the hill he can see where it started
How much he’s grown from the boy he departed

Into a man, someone we have not met
Until at the end; yet we’ll have no regret.

He’ll be someone bold, courageous and good,
Loving and faithful, serving all as he should.

Three sixty five gone, the same left to go,
We pray they continue to so quickly flow.

But our missionary is less eager to leave,
Keeps working hard, no time left to grieve

So keep up the service, don’t slow it down now,
The Lord needs your shoulder still on the plow.

There are many still waiting to hear what you sow
So harvest them now before time to go.

We love you, dear Sam, let’s be perfectly clear
We can’t wait to meet you this time - next year!

- Cathy Musick,
Missionary Mom
May 2010

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