Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Okay, so I was just messing with you guys. (See previous post :)

I am finally out and scared out of my mind. Now I am teaching and leading district meetings which makes me feel very odd and I also take calls every night. I feel very awkward and lost. But the great thing is I am very excited to work and at times I don't know what to do, but I will do something and it will be good. I find myself in a ward that is weak, from what I hear the weakest in the stake. The bishop is very, very young and we don't have a full bishopric. The ward mission plan is inactive and we don't have a lot of positive investigators. But some in the district are having great success with five baptismal dates. We are weak in new investigators and we are doing a lot of service to help out with what happened with the volcano and the storm. A lot of the roads are destroyed and there are sand bags everywhere to stop the water from entering the houses.

In my district I have two gringos and five Latinos and they all seem to be pretty good missionaries. I also know that some had problems before but seem to be doing a lot better from what I can see and I am looking forward to going on divisions with them. But what is really amazing is my comp. - he is so humble and wants to be a good missionary. He told me that he was so nervous to be my comp. because he thought I was something great because I was in the office. Which in reality, I find it to be sweet but far from the truth because I have so much to improve on. I found out that my comp's first language was a dialect and that he learned Spanish five years ago. He knows four languages perfectly and is really, really good at English. Every morning he makes my bed for me and is trying all he can do to support me. I find myself praying all the time for help because I find it difficult to be a district leader. Don't ask me why - I knew how to be a secretary and all that it entails but for some odd reason I find it very difficult to be a leader as such in the mission. However, I am excited to learn how to be better and how it be a force for good in this area, ward, and district.

There are four missionaries in this ward and four in the other ward and that is my district. One of the zone leaders is Elder Montoya who is from Utah and knows Elder Jacobs and Ashlee so that is funny.

I am excited to hear things are going well for all at home. I am glad Jared found a better option for school and that Katie is adjusting. I love you guys all so much and ask for your prayers so that our district can have success and that I will know how better to help them progress and be greater than they are now.

Mom, so you know I took out some money to buy a cake because it was someone’s birthday in my district and I will probably take some more out so I can fix my shoes for maybe 10 or 12 dollars, so it won't be that much. Also my watch broke so I am thinking of buying another. Man, it is like I am getting old or something. Well, as far as the money for the watch and shoes I will wait to see what you say before I do that. But I already bought the cake.

Man, I noticed I have some very bad English grammar but it is odd because my Spanish isn't good enough for my English to be that bad. But I love you guys dearly and hope that all is well with you. But please keep me in your prayers. I love you all. And will write next Monday, but if we have interviews it might be on another day.
With Love,
Elder Musick

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