Monday, June 21, 2010

"Keep on keeping on ... "

Well, so this last week took some time - it was kind of a dream.

As far as the work here - it seems to be slower because the ward is not a lot of help; the Bishop is about 28 or so and doesn't seem to be a real motivator, but he is there and that is it. I feel like I am going to have to be pretty forward with those we work with. I will have to assign them things to do and make sure they are assigning others. I have found that this ward is the weak spot in the stake. The district seems to be good, but they all have problems to deal with. Many of their investigators are not married so that will be a process to fix. We had pretty good numbers this last week and I pray and hope the elders continue to work hard.

It is nicer because someone does our washing for us and we have a cook. This is nice but the bad thing is my stomach gets a little sick now because I am eating real Guatemalan food now. [Oops, no more Taco Bell and Wendys, eh?] But I keep learning new things about my companion and he really has an amazing story.

I went on divisions this last week to get to know an elder who had some behavior problems before and wanted to see if he was getting better. I still don't feel like I know the area very well but I will with time. As far as investigators, we had one at church and she, Suzy, is really progressing, always reading and very active in the lessons. One of the other Elders in the ward thought she was a member because she knew all the answers she was asked. The problem is with her mother who doesn't want to change churches because she has been a member for nearly 30 years. It is sad because some time ago her dad cheated on her mom and left and now it is just the two of them and her brother who doesn't really care to listen.

I think I have hit a personal stumbling block. At night when I am finished with all the missionary calls and planning it is about 10:30 and I don't have time to study more (if I wanted to) or to write in my journal - it is really sad. But I will try to manage my time so that I can do some of the things I would really like to do.

I love you guys all so much and hope that all is well. I will keep on keeping on and hope to find success. Thank you for all of your love and words of kindness. And please ask me some more questions so I can write and tell you guys more.

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