Thursday, June 10, 2010

Transfer out of the Office and Into the Field

Well, this week has been very crazy. We have had to prepare for changes all before Friday because we have the transfer conference for all the missionaries who are going to the new mission. We have had to arrange transportation which is a full size bus, a small bus, and also a small moving van. But as far as I am concerned I am thinking of my next area and responsibility. So anyways, we went to Presidents’ house on Tuesday to see changes like always. But President always talks about what some of the changes are that they made and he said that they had brought in two missionaries into the office. One to be trained by Elder Ceseña and the other to replace me. He then proceeded to say where I am to go.

I will be serving as district leader in an area called Amatitlan. It was the closest area to the volcano. (Thanks for that little tidbit, Samuel!) It is right by the lake Amatitlan. I will have eight people in my district, including my companion and me. But being in the office I have already made a district leader folder. I have the baptism data since November 2009 and also their personal data. I have their pictures that are on the Presidents wall so I can study how best to help my district.

I am pretty dang excited to be a normal missionary. My companion is Elder Knight and he will be going into his fourth change. He is from Nicaragua and I was in the office when he came into the mission. I am very excited because that stake is a baptizing machine. The zone’s goal for baptisms for this month is 50. I am very excited - I have only heard great things about the zone and the ward I will be in. President actually told me that they will be putting me right in the middle of the baptizing heart land.

I love you all and may write a little bit another day before the week ends because we don’t have a lot of time. The lake under Pacaya volcano (in background right)

The Lake Amatitlan is the fourth largest lake in Guatemala, located about 10 miles the south of the capital Guatemala City at an altitude of 3,900 ft. The fresh water lake covers a surface of 9 sq. miles. The maximum depth of the lake reaches 108 feet, the average depth is 59 feet.

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