Monday, June 28, 2010

"... the weeks are flying which is good, but sad."

Okay, so reading that story of Daniel [a member of Sam's NHS football team who was baptized last week] made me think that I would like to write a letter for him and send it to you guys, so if you could pass it along, that would be amazing. [As a district leader] I have not given a baptismal interview yet, but I am very nervous for when I have to.

The great thing of this past week is we found 16 new investigators; but in our district of four companionships we found 56! I was truly blown away. But sadly our attendance of investigators went down because it has been raining for the past two days or so. And it was similar to the tropical storm and so everyone was scared. To be honest, I was on divisions on Saturday night and it was raining all night. My companion was in our area, but it is right next to a river that had flooded. I couldn't sleep that night because I was so worried for them and if anything would happen to them.

So the ward is really weak. We had 57 people at church and the bishop is sick and his wife was hit by a car, so they weren't there. But a member spoke on how we should support him and help him - which I thought was so needed. (It was funny because the assistants just came in because they are going on divisions with the zone leaders so they surprised me and it was pretty funny.) But I am pretty excited for how things are going and I hope and pray that they will improve.

We also had interviews with President Baldwin and it was funny because he walked in and said it is funny seeing me here and then said to everyone that I had escaped from the office. I will try and write a letter this next week or so about my comp. because he is truly amazing.

Our investigator, Suzy went to church and is very active and always has really good questions. Elder Knight (my Comp.) went to the lesson with them and shared Alma 32 and how if it is a good fruit that we should give it room to grow and she was very touched by that chapter. But the real work is with her mom. This next week will be really busy because I have a meeting in the office on Thursday and I will go on divisions and do our weekly planning. But the weeks are flying which is good, but sad. I know I am working and so the time flies, but it goes by too fast at times.

That’s fun that you get to have the boys this week. Give them hugs and kisses for me.

But can you do me a favor - write a letter to my comp. and have Jordan or Jared translate it. He has only received one letter in his mission so far. I think he would really enjoy it and you could write a little in English because his English is really good. But I love you guys and pray all is well and hope Katie is enjoying her time at home.

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