Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Back" to work

Okay, so Jared and Cherie’s big move sounds great … because I am not there ;) But it is exciting and I hope all goes well for them.

As for me, I have been receiving therapy for my back, which I will finish up tomorrow. I have been traveling to the capital a lot to receive the treatment. But to be honest, I have felt very little difference and was told to rest more. It has nothing to do with the original problem, but is just a spasm in my back.

I have also received a new companion and his name is Elder Vallecillo from Honduras La Ceiba. He is very different and very proud of where he is from. He has been out 4 months in the mission and was trained by Elder Lowry who is one of my favorite missionaries. It will be different this next change. I will miss Elder Knight because he truly was a very loving companion and asked that you please write him whenever you can, I think he was my favorite comp. It is always sad to leave someone so good. In my district, every companionship had changes and so it is completely different; I am excited and a little nervous for some of them.

I would like to ask for your help and prayers for strength in my back and also to help my district. One of the Elders just started his mission and this is his first area and he is very excited. It was funny because he is really friendly and waves and says hi to everyone. As we were walking over to use the Internet he waved at a couple of girls on a motorcycle and they got really excited because he is a giant green-go. It was so funny and yet he thought nothing of it. It is nice to get back to work somewhat and to be teaching and out and about again.

Elder Knight did get your letter and loved it and was so excited but he said he was going to write you back, but we'll see. I love you all and hope all is well, I am sorry again it is on Thursday; it is because of my therapy. P-days are on Tuesdays, but we write on Mondays unless something happens or we have changes.

Love you all and ask for your prayers and love always.

PS. Mom can you send me my pants you were holding on to because I need them … and maybe some candy and some good stuff :)

Love you, Elder Musick.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Bad, Bad Boo and skinny, too!

Okay, so I will tell you everything that has happened. ..
About a month ago I had got sick just a little boo, but then a giant back pain. The boo went away and then came back a week after then left, but all the while I still had back pain. I had some appointments with doctors who took blood, poo, and pee to test - normal, of course. I had x-rays taken on my back: small problem but the same one as before my mission. So then I had another appointment Monday, but before that I got food poisoning and couldn't go to church because I was throwing up all day Sunday and all the way until Monday morning, and I mean it was coming from both sides [ends?].

The Doctor told me I have a spasm in my back and will be doing therapy for two weeks, but just two times a week. I am starting to eat food now but it hurts and I am still pretty weak and skinnier. However, I had a lot of love and help from the members here. Our neighbors came and sang a hymn to me on Sunday and then I got a blessing. Another family gave me a ride to the capital for my appointment. Others call, worry, or fast. A family who are pretty much all in the medical field came over to see how I was doing and offered a lot of help. But I think the storm has passed and things can only get better. Sadly, it has left the work and our investigators on the back burner. My companion was pretty worried; he had never seen someone throw up so much. He was very helpful, but sadly, I think we will have changes this next Monday and with my “in” in the office I know it will be a Latin from Honduras who is fairly new.

It has been sad that Elder Knight and I couldn't work much together because I was so sick. But I have seen changes in the ward: the bishop is happier, we have more coming to church, and the leaders seem to be doing better. But there still is a lot of work to do. In the district I have seen a steady drop in work, well, in finding new investigators which saddens me because I feel with being sick I needed to do more, but I find that I am not able to help my district. I am still trying to figure out how to be a leader and how best to lead in the mission. I have found that it is not easy. But it is necessary.

The back pack picture was just a joke because that was Elder Ruddle’s bag with all his clothes. Also I wrote a letter to the young men [for the Mt. Whitney Hike] and Daniel [a new convert from high school] but sent it to Bethany’s address because I couldn't remember your new address. And Mom, you need to get some sleep because you really don't make sense sometimes in your letters. I love them and they make me laugh, but get some sleep, Mom.

I love you all and hope things are going well.
Love, Elder Musick.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Prayers needed on his behalf

Okay, so I have been thinking what I should write you guys and tell you about me being sick. Well… it has been over two weeks and I am still suffering a little bit. I had diarrhea, and a lot of other things but I took some pills and now I am doing better, but the really problem is in my back. The thing is - it is worse than it was before my mission and it isn't just in my lower back but higher up. I have seen a doctor from the mission who did nothing and President Baldwin is very angry with him. But I have talked to a member in our ward and he is a back specialist and has offered an x-ray for free and so I will try and do that today. But don't worry; he is an amazing doc who knows what he is doing. But I can't receive treatment from him, just an x-ray, but that will help us decide if I need a chiropractor. If I go to a chiropractor that means we will have to pay and the church won't cover it. But it is nothing to worry about, I am fine and trust me, I will last my whole mission and will not come back early.

Two cool things happened this past week. We went to a member’s house and they are newly married and are very supportive of us. They have decided with a few other members to fast for me and that they are always praying for me and my health. Others are calling me and the lady next door stops by and is always asking how I am doing and is very worried for me all the time. I have truly felt such a love in this ward and feel so blessed to be here.

The other story is that we went and taught an old inactive bishop. He was the first bishop in the first ward in Amatitlan. He showed us an Ensign and it shows him and some missionaries dedicating the pueblo. We asked him how it all started and then I asked him how he felt and he began to describe a few stories of some real miracles that happened and then he cried and the spirit was very strong. We had a less active young man who was with us and he thought it was very cool. I thought it was really cool, too.

Tomorrow we have zone conference, so I am really looking forward to that. I also had divisions with Elder Montoya (who is also friends with Ashlee) and he is such an amazing young man - if you chat with his mom on mom talk or whatever it is [Missionary Moms] tell her that her son is amazing and has been a big help to me when I was sick.

I love you all and still ask for your prayers so I can keep going and helping my district and being successful. I love you all very much and I pray all is well. I received a lot of letters and thank you all for your love and support for me and your kind words and stories.

P.S. I forgot to say that I spoke this last Sunday in Church and thought it went well. It was on missionary work and I spoke a lot about love.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

New Pictures on the GCCM blog

Check out the latest postings on the Guatemala City Central Mission Blog or the mission happenings these last few months as well as these new pictures with Sam in them - especially the one where he is at the Sister's Conference, way to go Sam!

At the Sister's Conference -
"Our chauffeurs, Elder Musick and Elder Cesena feeling a little odd and out of place - never!"

"(L to R) El. Alvarez, Hna. Mascareno, Hna. Cruz, El. Douglas, El. Musick, El. Martinez, El. Cesena, El. Jacobs"

Monday, July 5, 2010

He feels ... sick, proud, baggy, and blessed

Well, this week was a little more difficult because I am sick. I got sick about Tuesday and have been taking pills and medicine to try to get over it but with no luck. I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow to take some tests and see what it could be. But mom, don't worry, I have received many calls from the members telling me what to take and trying to mother me. The family next door is members and she is our cook and the wash lady. But she has been very worried checking on me every night. I even had the counselor to President Baldwin who lives close by, come looking for me to see if he could help and offered to take me to the hospital. So I am truly in good hands.

My companion went out and worked and we had a pretty good week still ... well, an okay week. I had a meeting for district leaders on Thursday and it was a very good meeting. I was so proud of my district because the other district leaders asked me what we have been doing to have such success. I felt very honored but realize it wasn't me and we still have so much to do. It is really crazy how the time is flying by. I wanted it to go fast because I know I am working hard, but not this fast because I feel like it is just a dream.

When is Dad’s hike? I will try to put some thoughts down for him. I got kind of baggy when you said you had homemade ice cream for the holiday. But Elder Allen who is in my district called me that morning to sing the national anthem. I thought it was pretty funny. I am sorry I am having a hard time thinking of things to tell you because we were in the house a lot this week.

I did think of one thing. This past week there is a companionship that struggles to find new investigators and he started to contact guys in the street - the women are always home but it is hard to get the husbands because of work. So I thought for him to contact in an area that was at the end of the bus route at 5:00 so they could contact the guys when they come home from work and he was able to find some new investigators. I felt so happy for him and that I could be a means to help him. I feel really blessed and hope that this area and district will have great success.

I love you all and hope all is well and mom, get some sleep and dad, are you going on the Mt Whitney hike? If so, you'll be in my prayers.
Elder Musick.