Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Back" to work

Okay, so Jared and Cherie’s big move sounds great … because I am not there ;) But it is exciting and I hope all goes well for them.

As for me, I have been receiving therapy for my back, which I will finish up tomorrow. I have been traveling to the capital a lot to receive the treatment. But to be honest, I have felt very little difference and was told to rest more. It has nothing to do with the original problem, but is just a spasm in my back.

I have also received a new companion and his name is Elder Vallecillo from Honduras La Ceiba. He is very different and very proud of where he is from. He has been out 4 months in the mission and was trained by Elder Lowry who is one of my favorite missionaries. It will be different this next change. I will miss Elder Knight because he truly was a very loving companion and asked that you please write him whenever you can, I think he was my favorite comp. It is always sad to leave someone so good. In my district, every companionship had changes and so it is completely different; I am excited and a little nervous for some of them.

I would like to ask for your help and prayers for strength in my back and also to help my district. One of the Elders just started his mission and this is his first area and he is very excited. It was funny because he is really friendly and waves and says hi to everyone. As we were walking over to use the Internet he waved at a couple of girls on a motorcycle and they got really excited because he is a giant green-go. It was so funny and yet he thought nothing of it. It is nice to get back to work somewhat and to be teaching and out and about again.

Elder Knight did get your letter and loved it and was so excited but he said he was going to write you back, but we'll see. I love you all and hope all is well, I am sorry again it is on Thursday; it is because of my therapy. P-days are on Tuesdays, but we write on Mondays unless something happens or we have changes.

Love you all and ask for your prayers and love always.

PS. Mom can you send me my pants you were holding on to because I need them … and maybe some candy and some good stuff :)

Love you, Elder Musick.

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