Monday, July 5, 2010

He feels ... sick, proud, baggy, and blessed

Well, this week was a little more difficult because I am sick. I got sick about Tuesday and have been taking pills and medicine to try to get over it but with no luck. I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow to take some tests and see what it could be. But mom, don't worry, I have received many calls from the members telling me what to take and trying to mother me. The family next door is members and she is our cook and the wash lady. But she has been very worried checking on me every night. I even had the counselor to President Baldwin who lives close by, come looking for me to see if he could help and offered to take me to the hospital. So I am truly in good hands.

My companion went out and worked and we had a pretty good week still ... well, an okay week. I had a meeting for district leaders on Thursday and it was a very good meeting. I was so proud of my district because the other district leaders asked me what we have been doing to have such success. I felt very honored but realize it wasn't me and we still have so much to do. It is really crazy how the time is flying by. I wanted it to go fast because I know I am working hard, but not this fast because I feel like it is just a dream.

When is Dad’s hike? I will try to put some thoughts down for him. I got kind of baggy when you said you had homemade ice cream for the holiday. But Elder Allen who is in my district called me that morning to sing the national anthem. I thought it was pretty funny. I am sorry I am having a hard time thinking of things to tell you because we were in the house a lot this week.

I did think of one thing. This past week there is a companionship that struggles to find new investigators and he started to contact guys in the street - the women are always home but it is hard to get the husbands because of work. So I thought for him to contact in an area that was at the end of the bus route at 5:00 so they could contact the guys when they come home from work and he was able to find some new investigators. I felt so happy for him and that I could be a means to help him. I feel really blessed and hope that this area and district will have great success.

I love you all and hope all is well and mom, get some sleep and dad, are you going on the Mt Whitney hike? If so, you'll be in my prayers.
Elder Musick.

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