Sunday, July 18, 2010

Prayers needed on his behalf

Okay, so I have been thinking what I should write you guys and tell you about me being sick. Well… it has been over two weeks and I am still suffering a little bit. I had diarrhea, and a lot of other things but I took some pills and now I am doing better, but the really problem is in my back. The thing is - it is worse than it was before my mission and it isn't just in my lower back but higher up. I have seen a doctor from the mission who did nothing and President Baldwin is very angry with him. But I have talked to a member in our ward and he is a back specialist and has offered an x-ray for free and so I will try and do that today. But don't worry; he is an amazing doc who knows what he is doing. But I can't receive treatment from him, just an x-ray, but that will help us decide if I need a chiropractor. If I go to a chiropractor that means we will have to pay and the church won't cover it. But it is nothing to worry about, I am fine and trust me, I will last my whole mission and will not come back early.

Two cool things happened this past week. We went to a member’s house and they are newly married and are very supportive of us. They have decided with a few other members to fast for me and that they are always praying for me and my health. Others are calling me and the lady next door stops by and is always asking how I am doing and is very worried for me all the time. I have truly felt such a love in this ward and feel so blessed to be here.

The other story is that we went and taught an old inactive bishop. He was the first bishop in the first ward in Amatitlan. He showed us an Ensign and it shows him and some missionaries dedicating the pueblo. We asked him how it all started and then I asked him how he felt and he began to describe a few stories of some real miracles that happened and then he cried and the spirit was very strong. We had a less active young man who was with us and he thought it was very cool. I thought it was really cool, too.

Tomorrow we have zone conference, so I am really looking forward to that. I also had divisions with Elder Montoya (who is also friends with Ashlee) and he is such an amazing young man - if you chat with his mom on mom talk or whatever it is [Missionary Moms] tell her that her son is amazing and has been a big help to me when I was sick.

I love you all and still ask for your prayers so I can keep going and helping my district and being successful. I love you all very much and I pray all is well. I received a lot of letters and thank you all for your love and support for me and your kind words and stories.

P.S. I forgot to say that I spoke this last Sunday in Church and thought it went well. It was on missionary work and I spoke a lot about love.

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  1. Oh yeah!!! So great to hear from your missionary, and consequently mine as well! I will pray for his health and recovery also. He sounds like an awesome missionary himself! Isn't it wonderful what the Spirit can do?! It brings back wonderful feelings and memories of those who have fallen away or forgotten, it can comfort the person sick, it can give hope to those fasting and praying on his behalf, it can comfort and strengthen the worried family back home. I love the gospel!!!