Monday, August 30, 2010

Yeah! Two Baptisms!!

I have good news because we did have two baptisms this last week and I was blessed to be asked to perform both of them. Susy is amazing because Sunday in the last hour we were all together and it was about the Priesthood and she was sitting there taking notes. The Bishop taught the lesson and towards the end asked me to read a quote about how if someone was not worthy to talk to the Bishop and after I asked to share a word and spoke of how I have seen how my father worries about everyone in his ward and that this bishop does the same and cares for us and wants to help us and that we need to talk to him so that we can use our Priesthood. I feel that he appreciated my effort to help him.

That was pretty cool that Katie got to go back to Idaho and see those great blessings and ordinances in the gospel.

Yesterday was a good, but hard day. We went to an appointment, but they were not there so we started walking around to contact and the first house we got to they let us in. My comp shared the lesson and at the end we asked if the dad would offer the prayer. He said he would do his best, though it was different. He said that he was a very hard person and that that was the first time he had prayed. When he finished his wife said that he never lets people in and that he is really hard but he was trying so hard to listen to us. I was amazed and we have the next appointment for Wednesday. This last month the district found 155 new investigators and had four baptisms and they have a lot more dates set with people. I feel very proud of my district and their work that they are doing. This Saturday we find out changes in the district so we shall see...

Mom, thanks for the garments, I have received them and also the letter you sent me. So thank you. But I was wondering about my Eccos and if you got the pictures from Jordan or Jared because one has a mouth and holes in the bottom. I still have another pair but they aren't great so please let me know and also my backpack is pretty much done and so I was wondering if it would be better to buy one here that isn't great or have you send me one. Please let me know for next week. But I will write on Wednesday.
Love Elder Musick

Monday, August 23, 2010

Time for baptisms and new shoes

Well, this week should be a really good week because we should have two baptisms on Saturday, so we will have that to plan. This last week was cool - we had divisions with the Zone Leaders and I went to their area. I really enjoyed teaching with Elder Cano because he teaches so well and it was nice to switch and teach with unity. Yesterday we had an activity as a stake and we went out with the youth and single adults. It was really cool because Susy (who has a baptismal date for this Saturday) went and contacted with us in Central Park. She said she had a great time and really enjoyed it. It was so very cool to see.

Scott (Carter recently returned and reported from Mexico mission) is so fun. I don't think I have really applied sports in the mission like he has. I have taken what I have learned in sports and applied it on how to be a better leader and to help my district. The way [Scott describes] contacting on the bus is normal here because other pastors do it, but it isn't that effective. And about Elder Butler, I have no idea who that is - maybe the name is wrong, could it be Budge or something like that? About B and J’s baby picture thing – it is kind of odd, but really normal for them, so I am glad to hear they are themselves, insane.

The rain is still here as it rained all day yesterday and I am sure in a little bit it will rain again.

With the training methods I am really able to teach and apply them and found them to be helpful, but I do need to study them better so that I can better apply them. My district has five baptismal dates and we are improving but we still can do better. My old companion, Elder Knight is amazing and if he ever comes to the states, I will totally take care of him and show him around.

I did get your package on Saturday and am wearing the pants you sent and am really grateful - so thank you for the candy and the pants but my shoes (my Eccos) are almost done. I had a member send Jordan and Jared the photos of my shoes because of the whole Spanish thing. So if you could send those in to get me the other pair because they are under warranty.

Sorry, it seems like everything is breaking on me - like I am old or something. And I think I realized why I struggle so much with my Spanish, because I remember when I was learning English and I really struggled to read and everything. Well, it has come back to bite me in the butt with Spanish. I can speak and express myself, teach just fine and understand everything, but I do still struggle and can improve if the prayers keep coming. I would appreciate it.
Love you all,
Elder Musick.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Whoa, Baby!!

Received Aug. 16, 2010

Well, I have just been hit by a ton of news. [His sister Bethany is expecting a baby!!] Okay, first things first:

My back still hurts, but little by little it is getting better because President Baldwin is letting me use his personal therapy thing to stimulate my back every day. I have hope the pain will be gone by the end of the month or at the next change.

The new training I went to last week changed my life. I feel like I have been doing missionary work all wrong. It really changed the way we act and teach. I love it and I hope I can truly put all of it into practice. But the food at the training got everyone sick so that wasn't fun because I woke up one night throwing up and other things as well :( But I’m better now.

I enjoyed your thoughts on my comp. and I am open to learn from him but he does not care to learn from anyone and has clearly expressed he does not like leaders or anyone over him. So that is tough being a leader and getting no respect. The leaders know I am struggling and are a lot of help plus the other elders in the ward are a lot of help, too.

Also Elder Knight may not respond but he is receiving your letters so keep sending them - it is needed. That is so funny about Josh [Speirs] and Katie as well. And Rachel [Griffith] will love it down here in Guatemala.

I love you all and am blessed to hear from you and to feel of your love. Thank you all for everything. Love, Elder Musick

PS what did you send to me? [The wait is killing him!!!!]

Sunday, August 15, 2010

From Elder Knight

We have started a correspondence with Sam's old companion who does not get any mail and we wanted to share how cute his first letter is. He is from Honduras, but his English is amazing!

Sister Musick (Elder Musick's mom) I`m happy to receive a e-mail from you. The letter that you did send me I did not read the translation in spanish, i just red it in english and it was O. K. It was my first letter..., I am very excited. I just wanted to thank you. I am very sad too for my best companion Elder Musick, I learned from him a lot of things that are helping me now to work hard like a real missionary, all my other companions are great missionaries but i feel something special for him. My english is not so good, but i hope you understand it. My new companion is from El Salvador, we did a baptism last week an this week we`ll have a nother one. Here in our area we have a lot of investigators, but we are trying to find the people that are redy to receive the restored gospel. I like this area a lot. Also I love these people. These is a great oportunity to be in contact with you and I`ll wait for more letter from California, jajajajaj.. in email form es very fast but a letter will be better because so I can keep it on with me. I hope I learn more inglis so I can write more a bout tha mission an my life. Thank you Sister Music for the letter in this email. I want to be with Elder Musick more thime.
With love, Elder Knight.

Bethany and Katie think we should adopt him ;)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Keep him in your prayers, please

Well, things here are crazy like always. Tomorrow I will have my training in the capital for four days. I won't lie, it will be a nice break from my companion. He is just so prideful and does not like gringos and tries to always be better and just say negative things about me and gringos. So if you have any ideas on how to deal with that, please let me know.

As far as the district goes, we are doing well and are working hard. Our numbers are going up and things are improving. We still have a lot of work to do. As for us, we have one baptismal date set and she is doing great. This last week Susy had an operation and they removed two tumors from her breasts. (Just so you know the people are very open and tell you anything - so that is how we know.) Yesterday we went with the Gaytan Family (the dad is a doctor and the mom is a supervisor) and they looked in here and helped the mom and Susy and the dad (who is inactive) bore his testimony and it was really good. We still have a lot of work to do to improve the area, but things are getting better, I think.

My back still hurts, but I will leave it at that. I ask for your prayers and support at this time. Next week I will have the zone leaders and the assistants at my district meeting - so I better be prepared. I love where I am and the people here. I am suffering from some difficulties, but that is life, but I feel like things will get better. I rejoice in my weaknesses and my difficulties because they are from God and meant to change me and shape me it to what He wants. If you all can pray that our district can find new investigators and put baptisimal dates with those we are teaching now it would be a blessing for us. I love you all and am thankful for your love and supportive words.
Elder Musick.

P.S. Did you send my pants to me with some other things? If so what did you send? And about the gift - I really don't know but she likes to cook and they have a photo of the Guatemala temple. Sorry I will try and think about that better.

Monday, August 2, 2010

August 2010

Well, first I don't know if it would be a good idea for you to send a different backpack - that is a little much but would it be better for my back and still rain proof? I don't know if that would be too hard and if it is, don't worry about it. The back brace? What kind? If you think it is good then I am willing to try it. And by “good stuff” to send, I mean candy, Jerky - no and food to cook - no, really just candy and my pants because I really need those pants.

Also if you could send something nice as a thank you to the Chavez Family who are our neighbors. They really helped me out a ton and maybe you could send something to say thank you for us. Just a thought, I want to do something but something from you would also be nice - but not mandatory.

Yesterday we were really blessed because we had 7 investigators at church and we had two families that were inactive there. One of the families we have been working hard to get the dad to church, because he drinks sometimes. But the wife wants to be sealed and all the kids want that, too. The son is thirteen and will go out with us and has an agenda like us. But yesterday the whole family was there which hasn't happened in like a year or so. And three of them stood up to bear their testimonies. This is the same family that the parents are doctors and they came over when I was really sick and have been helping me for the past month. We went over with a cake yesterday to say thanks and watched a movie about temples. At church I bore my testimony. The bishop’s wife [who was hit by a car - see post on June 28th] came to church in a wheelchair; it has been the first time in a long time that she came. So we had a good number and the next week we have ward conference and the week after that - stake conference.

The district is improving. I put a goal for this week to have ten baptismal dates or goals to be baptized. We have a lot of investigators that are pretty close to being baptized, so if you could pray for the district, I would really appreciate it and think it could really help us. And maybe my back as well.

This next week will be a different one because I will have training in the capital for four days. Which means I will have to go on divisions with Elder Allen in my district and my comp. will go with Elder Allen's but he is a brand new gringo so we'll see how that goes. The training is about a new kind of program they are setting up in all the missions throughout the world to help integrate the new missionaries that come in. It is to help us teach more with the spirit and not just to teach the lesson but the person. So I’ll let you know in a couple of weeks how it went.

I am sorry it is sad that the boys are leaving, but I am sure it is for the best. And let me know what happens with Jared and also the other kids because I don't hear from them too much, but it is probably because they don't hear from me. So if you could keep me updated on them, too - especially Bethany …

As for Elder Knight, he loved your letter and didn't even look at the Spanish part. So if you want to write it just in English, that’s fine. My new comp. is a little more difficult because he is kind of prideful and likes to do things his way - which is tricky because he is new here so he does know much about the members or the ward but wants to lead. It is a good thing I was so indifferent before the mission because I know how to take things as they come, but I don't let him just run amok. But I do see all of the good things and we do work well together; but I can also foresee problems in the future. But things are fine. He just has a proud Honduran thing - very comparative to his country and how things are there and here. He is helpful (for the most part) with my back.

I love you all and thank you for your letter and prayers and still ask for them - especially special prayers for the familia Escanlante (and their divorce) and Susy (to accept a date to be baptized) and Jessica (the same).

Thank you and love you and am proud of dad for hiking Mt. Whitney again.
Elder Musick.