Monday, August 23, 2010

Time for baptisms and new shoes

Well, this week should be a really good week because we should have two baptisms on Saturday, so we will have that to plan. This last week was cool - we had divisions with the Zone Leaders and I went to their area. I really enjoyed teaching with Elder Cano because he teaches so well and it was nice to switch and teach with unity. Yesterday we had an activity as a stake and we went out with the youth and single adults. It was really cool because Susy (who has a baptismal date for this Saturday) went and contacted with us in Central Park. She said she had a great time and really enjoyed it. It was so very cool to see.

Scott (Carter recently returned and reported from Mexico mission) is so fun. I don't think I have really applied sports in the mission like he has. I have taken what I have learned in sports and applied it on how to be a better leader and to help my district. The way [Scott describes] contacting on the bus is normal here because other pastors do it, but it isn't that effective. And about Elder Butler, I have no idea who that is - maybe the name is wrong, could it be Budge or something like that? About B and J’s baby picture thing – it is kind of odd, but really normal for them, so I am glad to hear they are themselves, insane.

The rain is still here as it rained all day yesterday and I am sure in a little bit it will rain again.

With the training methods I am really able to teach and apply them and found them to be helpful, but I do need to study them better so that I can better apply them. My district has five baptismal dates and we are improving but we still can do better. My old companion, Elder Knight is amazing and if he ever comes to the states, I will totally take care of him and show him around.

I did get your package on Saturday and am wearing the pants you sent and am really grateful - so thank you for the candy and the pants but my shoes (my Eccos) are almost done. I had a member send Jordan and Jared the photos of my shoes because of the whole Spanish thing. So if you could send those in to get me the other pair because they are under warranty.

Sorry, it seems like everything is breaking on me - like I am old or something. And I think I realized why I struggle so much with my Spanish, because I remember when I was learning English and I really struggled to read and everything. Well, it has come back to bite me in the butt with Spanish. I can speak and express myself, teach just fine and understand everything, but I do still struggle and can improve if the prayers keep coming. I would appreciate it.
Love you all,
Elder Musick.

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