Monday, August 16, 2010

Whoa, Baby!!

Received Aug. 16, 2010

Well, I have just been hit by a ton of news. [His sister Bethany is expecting a baby!!] Okay, first things first:

My back still hurts, but little by little it is getting better because President Baldwin is letting me use his personal therapy thing to stimulate my back every day. I have hope the pain will be gone by the end of the month or at the next change.

The new training I went to last week changed my life. I feel like I have been doing missionary work all wrong. It really changed the way we act and teach. I love it and I hope I can truly put all of it into practice. But the food at the training got everyone sick so that wasn't fun because I woke up one night throwing up and other things as well :( But I’m better now.

I enjoyed your thoughts on my comp. and I am open to learn from him but he does not care to learn from anyone and has clearly expressed he does not like leaders or anyone over him. So that is tough being a leader and getting no respect. The leaders know I am struggling and are a lot of help plus the other elders in the ward are a lot of help, too.

Also Elder Knight may not respond but he is receiving your letters so keep sending them - it is needed. That is so funny about Josh [Speirs] and Katie as well. And Rachel [Griffith] will love it down here in Guatemala.

I love you all and am blessed to hear from you and to feel of your love. Thank you all for everything. Love, Elder Musick

PS what did you send to me? [The wait is killing him!!!!]

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